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When surfing around the internet in search of Gatchaman information, there were certain things I wanted to know and didn't find anywhere. When I started collecting Gatchaman goods, I gradually got hold of books and other printed information, which contained at least partially the information I was missing. The texts were however in Japanese. So I decided to translate those texts and put them up on the a page.

The information I was missing consisted mostly of Gatchaman summaries. These will be the main point of this page. Should I ever learn enough Japanese to actually understand what is going on in the episodes, I will probably rewrite the summaries I put up, or at least add some more information.

With the ability to do screenshots, I also decided to put up some visual summaries and other nice screenshots. The resulting Screenshot Gallery is the second focus of this page.

Future plans also involve putting up translations from other Japanese source material (others than summaries) as well as a complete Gatchaman page (character description, plotline etc) in German and French in order to draw some non-english speaking fans aboard.

Please note: If you have come here without having any idea about Gatchaman, you may not understand everything. Please visit the links section below in that case.

If you have any suggestions (they're VERY welcome) please send me an e-mail.

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