Episode 101 (The Sniper Group Hebi-Cobra)

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Ken wants to know what's wrong with Joe and Joe answers with his fist The fight is interrupted when Nambu calls them for a meeting In Nambu's office, Ryu&Jinpei grin at Ken&Joe's "little man to man discussion" Ken and Jun go looking for Galactor copying ISO data - and Joe lends Ken his gun as a sign of peace
Ken and Jun find a Galactor helicopter on the ISO building, capturing data Ken and Jun have sneaked into the helicopter, but get locked up in the lavatory The helicopter crew gave Katse the data on tape and he orders them to clean up (after he destroys their hope for promotion) Ken and Jun escape, take the uniforms of the two Galactor goons working in the craft and force Katse to hand over the tape (it's Ken in disguise!)
Katse has handed over the tape, but he flees with a copy he made before. Ken and Jun hang on Katse has the data and Ken and Jun find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The only thing they can do is trying to escape Ken and Jun seize one of the vehicles chasing them. A mysterious figure on a hill observes everything going on
Ken and Jun's vehicle gets wrecked, but they hang on to another one... The situation is not very comfortable, especially when the wire gets cut Falling down, Ken and Jun remain unconscious in the swamp... .. a situation Katse can't help taking advantage off
The mysterious man jumps into a very familiar car Joe first shoots the Galactor aiming at Ken and Jun, then the ropes holding them Katse gets VERY frustrated when his prisoners get away Katse orders the vehicles to unite and form the mecha that named this episode
Joe throws his gun at Ken.... ... and drives off to fight the Cobra by himself Joe drives up the back of the cobra and shoots its head with his machinegun Joe is relieved to have defeated the cobra without physical problems
Ken and Jun have observed the whole fight. Ken asks how Joe found them. Joe shows them the tracking device in the gun Ken and Jun laugh at the revelation Katse escapes again of course and the three of them watch him leave
The ending scene