Episode 20 (Science Ninja Team Emergency)

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A mole mecha is attacking the city The Ninja Team is about to assemble when... Joe sees a puppy whose mother has been killed in the attack He runs to save the puppy
The mecha nearly stomps on Joe.. ..however Joe saves himself and the puppy in time... or so it seems. But a shrapnel from a rocket fired by the mecha hits home The team is very worried about Joe
In order to get the shrapnel out of Joe's head, Nambu puts him into a centrifuge A close-up of Joe in the centrifuge Ken and Jun can't watch it The mecha is attacking again and the team has to move out, leaving Joe behind
After waking up from the centrifuge, Joe goes to rejoin the team, even if he is in no shape to fight The team is startled when they see the G-2 approaching. Joe barely makes it to the God Phoenix. But the team is glad to see him... .. because they had a hard time against the mecha without being able to fire the bird missiles. But Joe is not in a good shape.
While the team takes care of Joe, the mecha seizes the opportunity and grabs the God Phoenix While everybody wonders what to do, Joe crawls to the firing button for the Bird Missile The explosion of the Bird Missile and the mecha sends the God Phoenix spinning... And everybody inside is thrown around.
Through this movement however, the shrapnel is thrown out of Joe's head The Team takes care of Joe .. and the God Phoenix flies off into on of those beautiful sunsets.