Episode 66 (The Devilish Fashion Show)

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The country Monarins sponsors the ISO. Now its queen is threatened by Galactor. The team has to protect the queen during a fashion show. Jun is happy, Ken less The team goes as common tourists. In the plane, Jun gets to see a famous designer During a patrol in the night, Ken and Joe see some strange figures at the palace
They follow the figures, but have to take some beating in the following fight The arrival of thee figures (probably guards) with guns interrupts the fight The use of the fingerring bombs makes it impossible to follow Jinpei tried to skate and proudly presents his skills to his friends
In order to counter the fingerring bombs, Ken decides to use the skates Ryu has some difficulties and Joe offers his "help" Jun has a look around in the palace and discovers the dresses for the show The designer "catches" Jun and hires her right away
The Queen is wondering what the Science Ninja Team is doing.. Hiding in the chandelier, Jun assures the queen that they are here, then leaves Katse arrives in a drill mecha Katse and the Devil Stars take the place of the designer and her models
When Jun comes back, Katse first doesn't recognize her, but covers his/her fault The Fashion Show is started Jun takes the stage in the latest fashions Then comes the last model which then turns into...
.. into the Devil Star design! The queen is surrounded, but she laughs and calls the "fashion of justice"! This causes the Science Ninja Team to show up! The devil stars attack with their fingerring bombs
The team puts on it roller skates: "Bird Roller!" With a lot of teamwork... .. the team literally flattens the enemy (a maneuver called "Bird Whip!") In the end, the team forms one row which starts to turn around a center point...
...forming another version of the tornado fighter, the "Bird Roller Windmill" Katse (and the Devil Stars) get blown away and decide to retreat With Galactor gone, the celebration can continue