Episode 81 (Duel on Galactor Island)

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Joe visits the grave of his parents on BC Island. Nobody was there for 10 years Galactor spies are everywhere however... and Joe looks like his father! Joe has to be careful since Galactor thinks he died together with his parents Katse, having seen the picture taken by the spy, arrives on BC Island
The Governor consults the declarations of death. It's signed by Nambu!! Learning that, Katse opens Joe's "grave" - the coffin is empty - or rather, filled with stones Meanwhile, back at Crescent Coral, the team is wondering where Joe is Before the church, Allan warns Joe about the beggars at the bottom of the stairs.
The beggards promptly turn out to be Galactor and Joe disposes of them Then there are Galactor everywhere and Joe has to hide Joe hides in a place he spent much time in with Allan when they were children Allan recognized Joe and guessed he would hide here
Joe drops his disguise and reveals himself to Allan (and Galactor...) Galactor doesn't take long to appear and the fightings starts Joe rolls an oil (?) barrel towards the house and ignites it with the gun.. Joe then retires and checks his ammunition - only one shot left
But when Joe ventures out again, he is surrounded The next fight ensues... But again, more Galactors show up and Joe is surrounded AGAIN! Not one to be intimidated, Joe gets ready to fight those Galactors as well
Some time later, the night has fallen, at Allan's church... Joe stumbles into the church, at least exhausted, maybe hurt. Allan agrees to shelter him. Joe sees the photo of Allan's fiancee, seeing that it's the Devil Star he killed. He feels very bad about it! Galactor somehow guessed that Allan hid Joe and comes for him
Joe flees into the church, but the trap there is set... Joe is hit several times... ... and ends up lying on the church's floor Ken appears with his white shadow speech..
.. and the rest of the team comes charging in as well The team defeats the Galactor soldiers quickly Then the team gathers around Joe Allan appears with a gun and asks who Condor Joe is. Ken says it's him
Joe shoots Allan. He feared Allan may shoot at Ken. But there was no bullet in the gun Joe wails that Allan was far more useful to the island than he Allan is buried by the people on the island The team watched the funeral from a little hill
Then they fly off.... into yet another sunset.