Episode 98 (The Spherical Mecha Grapebomber)

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Joe is on the way to meet the other team members... ...when suddenly a reflection off a street light blinds him Joe leaves the road and ends up quite shaken Then he notices that he has hit an old lady
Since she reminds him of his mother, Joe takes care of her The Phoenix encounters the Grapebomber Mecha, which blinds their radar AND ... their viewscreen, making them fly blind. This frustrates Ken quite a lot. As a consequence, they don't know where the mecha is - with dire consequences
The "grapes" of the mecha fall onto the Phoenix and eat through the hull The consequences inside the Phoenix are not pleasant Climbing very high, the God Phoenix loses the mecha, but is badly damaged When Joe takes care of the old woman, she tells him she misses her son
Just then, Joe suffers another attack of illness and gets worried When he leaves the home of the old lady, he can't even see straight Joe comes to the meeting too late, and just mouthes off instead of explaining Everybody is astonished then when Nambu charges Joe with the main mission
After the briefing, Ken wants to now what went on, but Joe won't tell Back at Nambu's house, Joe wonders what is the matter with him Jun is worried about Joe, but he turns her away Nambu gives Ken the order to secretly follow Joe and cover him
The team goes up again to oppose the Grapebomber Joe gets into a bird missile to be fired into the mecha. The missiles reamins stuck in the hull of the mecha, which returns to its base There, Joe goes straight to Mekker's room, accusing him of murder using his gas.. .. and then proceeds to beat him up.
Then Joe tempts Mekker into drawing his gun... but Joe has his out much faster However, just when Mekker shoots, Joe is blinded again and falls... ...he recovers quickly, only to see that.. ... Ken has already taken care of Mekker
Just then, the door closes and gas comes in. With some not so gentle hints from Ken, Mekker realizes he was used by Katse Then Joe opens the door easily and they take Mekker back with them. After his return, Joe goes to see the old woman again.
She tells Joe that her son wrote her and that she waits for her son to return When Joe comes out of the old lady's house, his illness seems to be gone