Episode 99 (G-2 Covered with Wounds)

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Katse is flying towards his base.. without noticing that the God Phoenix follows Back at the base, Governor X blames Katse that he has lead the Ninja Team here Katse orders the attack on the Phoenix. The Team wants to reply with a missile But Joe gets suddenly a head ache and can't properly aim for the Galactor base
The missile only destroys the top of the building. The Phoenix lands and... .. the team goes down into the base. The room is apparently empty... .. but then Ken detects the Galactor soldiers. A fight ensues. Just when the team thinks, it's over....
.. the doors fall shut and sand starts pouring into the room. The team wants to escape with the tornado fighter, but Joe falls out of it. The team is worried about Joe. However, they have to give it a second try.. Joe holds on long enough for them to escape, but then falls out again.
Afterwards, he sees everything twice and the team knows something is wrong Joe then accepts Ken orders to go back to the God Phoenix and stay on alert The Team continues to search through the base... .. and run into a huge storage room filled with explosives
Back at the Phoenix, Joe is frustrated because he can't do a thing In his frustration, Joe even punches the controls Back at the base, the team has taken some explosives with it... .. and create havoc throughout the base.
The whole base blows. But Sosai X orders Katse to set a trap before leaving! The team finds a door which they believe leads to Governor X As soon as they're inside, the chamber starts spinning... In fact, they're atop a sort of drill, which starts towards the earth's center
Ken can't do anything.. except contact Joe. He tells him to fire a bird missile Joe is not sure at all he can do it, but Ken says there is no other choice Galactor in the meantime is attacking the God Phoenix Joe takes off and aims at Ken's bird scramble signal, but...
.. when he should fire, his vision blurs again. He prays... ..for a moment of clear sight which suddenly arrives. The missile is fired... ... goes directly below the drill, stopping the drill's descent. Ken and the others blow up the roof of the drill...
.. then they ascend through the shaft, escaping just in time The teams escapes from the exploding base and sees the Phoenix approaching The teams storms into the Phoenix. Ryu suggests Joe takes over as pilot.. To which Joe replies "I'll consider it" in a subdued voice. Things look normal..
When Ken hears Joe's voice and sees the broken panel,he knows something is wrong And the God Phoenix flies off into yet another sunset