Episode 29 (Life or Death! The Evil North Wall)

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Despite running many rounds, Joe doesn't sweat and wonders about his humanity The team wonders what Joe is thinking about... Joe packs his car and gets ready to take out that gun on top of the mountain Nambu explains the mission to the team who is not happy about Joe going alone
The team catches up with Joe and tries to convince him not to go alone Joe wants to go alone and first punches Ken, then Ryu And in the end he threatens everybody who wants to stop him After Joe drives away, a light blinds him and he ends up beside the road...
Jun has followed him and offers a map, which Joe turns down, making Jun angry Joe starts climbing, only to discover... ... that Jun is still following him. Joe finally takes Jun with him. After 6 hours of climbing, Jun drops a grenade..
.. which alerts Galactor. An avalanche leaves Jun in an uncomfortable position. The rest of the team has started to climb as well. Ken... .. Jinpei and Ryu are coming for the rescue Joe has brought Jun to a niche in the wall and hears the others coming
Jun seems to feel comfortable... Gel Sadra has spotted them however and prepares their execution... Joe and Jun can't do anything about it, Joe no longer has the strength to fight The Team comes in time to rescue Joe and Jun...
... and proceeds to blow up the base. Ken, Jinpei and Ryu go to Joe and Jun.. .. and Jun tells Joe that it was his body heat which saved her Joe is obviously very moved...
.. a fact he doesn't like himself Joe puts Jun in Ken's arms and steps away... He realizes that he can still cry which would make him human The ending scene - don't you love those sunsets? :-)