Guest Characters from Gatchaman II

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Cathy, another cyborg, appears in episode 13 Yuka is turned away by Ken in episode 15 Sachiko gets Jinpei to take her to her father's space station in episode 18 Lisa is a former school mate of Ken in episode 21
So is Karl (episode 21) Dr. Shimamura has been Ken's teacher at school (episode 23) Ulf, another cyborg made by Dr. Raphael, appears in episode 25 Mako tries to kill Joe in episode 28
Ryu's father and brother appear in episode 30 Peter and his older sister help Ken in episode 31 Kena falls in love with Ken in episode 32 Kaiser and his son become friends of Joe in episode 35
Dr. Horin leads Ken to the underground city in episode 36 Dr. Horin's son first wants to destroy the city in episode 36 An unusual guest character in episode 37 :-) Chinita shelters Joe in episode 39
Richman appears in episode 42, but turns out to be Gel Sadra in reality Sam is the grandson of Chief Anderson in episode 46