Shots of Joe from Gatchaman Fighter

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Joe in the research institute in episode 1 Joe waits for his death at the institute in episode 2 Joe mobilizes his last forces to unite with this comrades in episode 2 Joe passes out from the efforts in episode 2
Joe whisper something into Ken's ear in episode 3 Joe launches one of his feather shurikens in episode 3 Joe during briefing in episdoe 4 Joe steers the G-2 in episode 4
Joe's reaction at seeing the boys in episode 5 Joe demonstrates his shurikens in episode 5 Joe flying through a storm in the G-2 in episode 6 Joe during mission briefing in episode 7
Joe during the shooting exercise in episode 10 Joe cries out his frustration in episode 10 Joe under fire in episode 11 Joe watching how the UN special force get shot in episode 11
Joe battling the mechas inside Governor Z in episode 12 Joe in discussion with his teammates in episode 13