Shots of Ken from Gatchaman I

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Close-up from Episode 20 Ken looks suspiciously at Ryu in Episode 75 Ken before the fight in episode 101 Ken after the fight in episode 101
Ken wondering where Joe is in episode 81 A frustrated and angry Ken in episode 98, when the Grapebomber blinds them Ken still being troubled by the mecha in episode 98 Ken during briefing in episode 98
Nambu charges Ken with looking after Joe in episode 98 Ken looking angrily at Mekker in episode 98 Ken is not thrilled about their mission in episode 66 Ken not liking what he sees in Monarins in episode 66
Ken explains his roller skating plans in episode 66 Ken with a devious look in episode 99 Ken in profile in episode 99 Ken very anxious in episode 99
Ken suffering from a centrifuge in episode 99