Shots of the individual vehicles of the Ninja Team from Gatchaman II

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Joe's car from the side (episode 29) The front of Joe's car (episode 29) Ken's Eagle Sharp (episode 14)  The New God Phoenix takes off in episode 15
Jun on her bike in episode 15 Jinpei's craft in episode15 Ryu's Horned Tank in episode 15 Ken's Eagle Sharp under Water (Episode 25)
The God Phoenix checks out some strange bubbles in episode 30 Ryu's Horned Tank under water in episode 30 The Eagle Sharp about to leave the atmosphere in episode 31 The Eagle Sharp from above in episode 33
Jinpei gets in trouble in episode 37 The G-2 flying in episode 37 Flying as well is the G-5 in episode 35 The Orbiter G in episode 44
The rescue rocket used in episode 45 The old and new God Phoenix in the sky of episode 47 The Eagle Sharp about to take off from the God Phoenix in episode 51