Places of Interest

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Gatchaman I

The Space Research Center (episode 20) Nambu's house (Episode 75) Katse's house in the Himalaya (?) (episode 81) Crescent Coral (Episode 81)
Katse's Devil Star in episode 99      

Gatchaman II

G-Town, the base for the Science Ninja Team (episode 18) G-Town on the surface of the water (episode 31) The typical Galactor base in Gatchaman II (episode 40) The Galactor Headquarter in episode 52

Gatchaman Fighter

The Snack J in episode 1 The Gatchaman base in episode 3 Egobossler's castle at Saturnhofen, his main quarter, in episode 3 The launch platform inside the Gatchaman base in episode 6
The database fortress in episode 8