Shots of Ryu from Gatchaman Fighter

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Gatchaman I Gatchaman II Gatchaman Fighter

Ryu after the New God Phoenix is shot down in episode 1 Ryu driving his G-Mecha in episode 2 Ryu at the end of eisode 2 Ryu watches with horror the captured village people in episode 4
Ryu flying in the G-5 through the storm in episode 6 Ryu and Jinpei evading enemy fire in episode 6 Ryu gets angry when he thinks Ken doesn't want to help in episode 7 Ryu's apologetic look when he realizes he's wrong in episode 7
Ryu attacking with his weapon in episode 9 Ryu not liking what he hears during briefing in episode 11 Ryu contemplating their situation inside Governor Z in episode 12