Mechas of the week from Gatchaman II

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The UFO which supposedly rescued Red Impulse in Episode 14 The Mecha which destroys Seatoland in episode 17 The mecha that has another dimension inside, from episode 19 The God Phoenix charges the mecha in episode 33
The Hypertonium transport vessel in episode 34 The (much bigger) mecha in episode 34 Mechavolton, the weapon that shoots down the Firebird (episode 35) The Iron Bat in episode 35
The monster in episode 36 A two-headed dragon appears in episode 38 The rocket that goes astray in episode 41 Mechaflasher appears in episode 42
Robots attack space bases in episode 43 The UFO carrying those robots in episode 43 The robots launched at Ken on Mars in episode 44 Sentango appears in episode 46
The mecha used to move the icebergs in episode 47 The drill mecha Gel Sadra uses to get into the ISO Building in episode 48 A defensive mecha is chasing the God Phoenix when it nears the main beam cannon in episode 51