Episode list

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Episode 1 Gatchaman versus Turtle King
Episode 2 The Apparition of a Demonic Ghostly Airplane Carrier
Episode 3 The Giant Mummy that Calls the Storm
Episode 4 Revenge on the Mecha "Mechadegon"
Episode 5 Ghost Fleet from Hell
Episode 6 The Big Maneuver of the Mini Robots
Episode 7 Galactor's Big Aviation Show
Episode 8 The Secret of Crescent Coral
Episode 9 The Demon from the Moon
Episode 10 The Big Battle of the Underground Monsters
Episode 11 The Mysterious Red Impulse
Episode 12 The Greedy Monster Ibukuron
Episode 13 The Mysterious Red Sand
Episode 14 The Terrible Icecander
Episode 15 The Frightening Jellyfish Lens
Episode 16 The Invincible Machine "Mekanika"
Episode 17 The Bug Operation
Episode 18 The Revenge Maneuver of the Whales
Episode 19 Speedrace through Hell
Episode 20 Science Ninja Team Emergency
Episode 21 Who is Sosai X?
Episode 22 Firebird Against Fire Spouting Dragon
Episode 23 The Greatly Raging Mecha Ball
Episode 24 The Neon Giant Laughing in the Dark
Episode 25 The Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell
Episode 26 God Phoenix, Be Reborn
Episode 27 Galactor's Witch Racer
Episode 28 The Invisible Demons
Episode 29 The Demon Man Galack X
Episode 30 The Guillotine Mecha Kamisoral
Episode 31 The Plan to Kill Dr. Nambu
Episode 32 The Great Gezora Operation (Part 1)
Episode 33 The Great Gezora Operation (Part 2)
Episode 34 The Diabolic Aurora Operation
Episode 35 Burn, Desert Flame
Episode 36 Young Rascal Gatchaman
Episode 37 The Electronic Mecha Lenjira
Episode 38 The Mysterious Mechanical Jungle
Episode 39 The People Eating Flower Jigokiller (Part 1)
Episode 40 The People Eating Flower Jigokiller (Part 2)
Episode 41 The Murder Music
Episode 42 The Great Escape Trick Operation
Episode 43 The Romance Extinguished by Evil
Episode 44 Galactor's Written Challenge
Episode 45 The Seal Science Ninja Team in the Night Fog
Episode 46 Gatchaman in the Valley of Death
Episode 47 The Devilish Airline
Episode 48 The Camera Mecha Shutterkiller
Episode 49 The Terrible Mechadokuga
Episode 50 The Dinosaur Skeleton Torakodon
Episode 51 The Rotation Mecha Kataroller
Episode 52 The Secret of Red Impulse
Episode 53 Farewell, Red Impulse
Episode 54 Gatchaman Burning with Rage
Episode 55 The Death Defying Mini Submarine
Episode 56 The Embittered Bird Missile
Episode 57 The Evil White Sea
Episode 58 Mekabutta from Hell
Episode 59 The Secret of the Mecha Factory
Episode 60 Science Ninja Team G-6
Episode 61 The Imaginary Red Impulse
Episode 62 The Snow Devil Blizzarder
Episode 63 The Devilish Mecha Ball Which Kills Everything
Episode 64 The Deadly Christmas Present
Episode 65 The Synthetic Mecha Superbem
Episode 66 The Devilish Fasion Show
Episode 67 Gatchaman Fire, Kill for Sure!
Episode 68 The Particle Mecha Micro Satan
Episode 69 The Cemetery in the Moonlight
Episode 70 Unite Girls of the Death Goddess!
Episode 71 Invulnerable Sosai X
Episode 72 Swarm! The Storm of the Mini Mechas
Episode 73 Pursue Katse!
Episode 74 The Secret of the Birdstyle
Episode 75 The Sea Devil Jumboshakoku
Episode 76 The Bracelet Revealed
Episode 77 Katse Has Succeeded
Episode 78 Death Defying Battle 10'000 Meters Below the Sea!
Episode 79 The Stolen Gatchaman Information
Episode 80 Return to Life, Boomerang!
Episode 81 Duel on Galactor Island
Episode 82 Aim at Crescent Coral!
Episode 83 A Death Defying Ring of Fire
Episode 84 The Spider Net Mecha Smokefiber
Episode 85 He's G-4!
Episode 86 Galactor's Buying up Operation
Episode 87 The Triple Joint Mecha Patogila
Episode 88 The Iron Beast Snake 828
Episode 89 Setting a Trap at Crescent Coral
Episode 90 Armoured Mecha Matanga
Episode 91 The Plan to Blow up Crescent Coral is Completed
Episode 92 The End of Crescent Coral
Episode 93 Counterattack! The Subterranean Torpedo Plan
Episode 94 The Electrical Demon Biest Angler
Episode 95 United Ninjas, Giant Devil Man
Episode 96 Charge into the Galactor Headquarter
Episode 97 The Spaceship Leona 3, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 98 The Spherical Mecha Grapebomber
Episode 99 G-2 Covered with Wounds
Episode 100 Gatchaman 20 Years Later
Episode 101 The Sniper Group Hebi-Cobra
Episode 102 Reverse! Checkmate X
Episode 103 The Death Wager of G-2
Episode 104 The Evil Black Hole Operation
Episode 105 Earth Extinction 0002