Episode 16: The Invincible Machine "Mekanika"

The latest ISO weapon factory is used by Galactor and manufactures Mekanika. It's a machine which, according to the plan on a microfilm, can change its form constantly.

The Science Ninja Team follows Mekanika. But when they lose sight of it, they continue searching individually before meeting in Nambu's house.

While searching a tunnel where they lost sight of Mekanika, Jinpei discovers a base through a hole in the surface and sneaks into it. While trying to destroy the base, he finds a micro cassette. Judging from the behaviour of the Galactor members, this cassette seems to be very important and Jinpei takes it with him while fleeing. It contains the plans needed to change the form of Mekanika. Nambu makes a new plan, based off the cassette, and instructs the Science Ninja Team how to install this plan in Mekanika.

As Mekanika transforms, there's a chink between the different parts of the casing. Ken sneaks into Mekanika through one of those chinks and wants to insert Nambu's cassette into the computer, but gets into a melee with Katse who was in the pilot's seat. Ken dives under Katse's arm and somehow manages to insert the cassette.

Mekanika, according to Nambu's plan, transforms into a fair. When Katse sees that, he flees.

Episode 17: The Bug Operation

X, intending on using the strong destructive tendencies of humans, especially children, releases Kabutoron in the city. It destroys things using the children's brain waves.

The children are happy when they find big stag beetles in one of the open areas, something which rarely happens in town. Also Jinpei finds one of the bugs and brings it home.

In that night, each of the children's stag beetles grow large and they pull the children inside their bodies, fly out the room and start to destroy the city.

While flying, Ken discovers how Kabutoron attacks a nuclear plant. But since Jinpei is missing, the God Phoenix cannot take off.

Ken transmutes into his G1 plane and uses his X-ray on Kabutoron. Because he sees a child in the interior, he ceases to attack. The four members of the Science Ninja Team shadow Kabutoron and discover a base hidden in an ancient ruin.

In the interior of the base, an operation intending to remove the children's brain and install them into Kabutoron is about to begin. A drill is just touching Jinpei's head when he's saved by a hair's breadth by Ken and Jun. They save the other children with Joe's help. Ken and the others get into the God Phoenix. Bombed by Red Impulse, Kabutoron blows up together with the base.

Episode 18: The Revenge Maneuver of the Whales

A huge whale keeps attacking harbours. While investigating a group of whales, the Science Ninja Team discovers a huge whale heading for this group. The huge whales fires a rocket aiming for the God Phoenix and flees, pushing aside the other whales. In reality, it's a Galactor submarine camouflaged as a whale.

They want to follow the huge whale submarine, but, in order to save a young whale under attack by orcas, the G4 flies away. During all this, the submarine gets away. Nambu reproves them because of their squeamishness and puts a transmitter on the small whale so that he can help in the search for the big whale.

The God Phoenix goes to the Arctic Circle, following the small whale. In order to search for the base, Ken and Joe leave the God Phoenix and encounter two men who introduce themselves as forest-keepers, but are then attacked from behind. Ken is baffled. Joe says that this is Galactor's trick and that his parents got murdered by the very same trick.

The Science Ninja Team discovers the base and sneaks into it. They learn that a group of submarines is about to leave and attack the harbours in the world. They install explosives in the base and in the submarines.

But, in order to help the little whale who ended up in the base, Jinpei dives with him into the sea. The Science Ninja Team can't stop the operation at this point, and escapes leaving Jinpei. But after the explosion of the base and the submarines, they are contacted by Jinpei, saying that he was saved by the small whale, and everybody is very relieved.

Episode 19: Speedrace through Hell

The Ruman Kingdom is known as the Gambling Kingdom. Galactor, guaranteeing the king's position, is channeling millions in riches out of the country. His highness Prince Luga's heart is torn by the people moaning with the high taxes imposed by the kingdom. So he contacts the ISO and offers to hand over a microfilm containing the location of the Galactor bases and headquarters to them. He does this knowing that it's against his father the king's, orders.

In order to lay their hand son the film, the Science Ninja Team takes part in a race sponsored by the prince in which everybody can participate. But the encounter obstacles set by Galactor, who know the prince's plans. They're lured, together with the prince, into the base located in the interior of the kingdom.

Katse wants to force them into exchanging the film against the king's life. But the prince has already handed over the film to Ken. Katse gets angry and shoots the king. The prince, clinging to his father's body, cries very much. But he has now his duty towards the people of the kingdom.

Katse wants to take back the film by force. In order to achieve this wants to cut open Jinpei's stomach, since he pretended to swallow down the film. After the ensuing brawl, Joe has Katse cornered and is about to take away his mask, but Katse get away again by a hair's breadth. Despite the fact that they saved the prince's life, the film, which cost a huge sacrifice, was burned as well.

Episode 20: Science Ninja Team Emergency

A Galactor mole mecha appears. The Science Ninja Team is contacted and starts to meet, but on the way there, Joe wants to save a small dog beside his mother, who was killed in the attack. Joe suffers a rocket attack. The mecha starts attacking the God Phoenix as well, but, since it gets weak in the sun, it has to withdraw at dawn.

In the examination it becomes known that Joe got hit in the head by a fragment of the rocket. Since it's a very dangerous area an operation is impossible. Also the attempt in the high speed centrifuge fails. Then a message arrives saying that the mecha has appeared again.

The other four members are mobilized, but their thoughts remain with Joe. But because the G2 car does not meet up with them, the God Phoenix cannot use its normal powers. At that moment, Joe appears in the G-2. He's taken immediately into the God Phoenix, but while they are still thinking about the reunion, they are caught in the mecha's hand. The God Phoenix wants to escape its certain doom, but it's impossible. Joe presses the firing button for the rockets and blows up the mole mecha. The God Phoenix is caught in the resulting shock wave and is thrown away rotating heavily, but with Ryu's steering capabilities they can recover. The resulting jolt gets the fragment out of Joe's head and he escapes alive.

Episode 21: Who is Sosai X?

A horse owned by a doctor who is an authority in the area of cyborgs, participates and wins with an astonishing performance at the world-famous horse grand prix. When Nambu sees this video, he guesses that this horse is a cyborg. He orders the Science Ninja Team to guard the Doctor so that his astonishing cyborg technique is not abused.

But when Ken and the others arrive, it's already too late. Only one Galactor badge has been left behind and the Doctor has vanished.

Dr. Henjinman has been brought to the base where he recognizes X's real face. He threatens X, saying that he will reveal his secret if he is not made X's representative. X reluctantly agrees.

The Doctor's cyborg horses attack a meadow. The Science Ninja Team pursue them and sneak into the base. Inside, they find the doctor standing before X to reveal his face, just as he wanted. The doctor falls down as he's hit by a light rays projected by X when Katse pressed a button. Katse orders the horses to attack the city and flees. The Science Ninja Team escapes and blows up the base.

Dying, the doctor tells them to press the buttons on the horses' backs. After the Science Ninja Teams has pressed the buttons on eac of the horses, he activates the self destruct mechanism of the horses and silently dies.

Episode 22: Firebird Against Fire Spouting Dragon

A uranium mining factory at the bottom of the sea is attacked by the mecha "Kingdragon". Since a guard vessel with much more power than the God Phoenix was beaten during the attack, Nambu does not order the Science Ninja Team deployed. But Ken disobeys Nambu's orders and goes to face the mecha in the God Phoenix.

But the God Phoenix is no match against the enemy and even their trump card, the firebird, is beaten by the much higher temperatures.

Nambu orders the Red Impulse group to attack the mecha, but the Red Impulse commander believes that Ken should face the enemy again and refuses Nambu's order.

So Nambu comes up with another plan. He wants to install a cooling device in the God Phoenix, which is then supposed to react with a minus bomb to be installed in the interior of the mecha to freezing the enemy. Knowing this will be very dangerous, Ken applies for the job of installing the minus bomb.

Hiding in a swarm of tuna, Ken sneaks into the mecha. He succeeds in placing the bomb, but he has no more time to escape as the mecha starts to freeze from the icy firebird.

The Science Ninja Team is worried and wondering about Ken, when he suddenly appears in front of them from a crack in the mecha, like an immortal bird.

Episode 23: The Greatly Raging Mecha Ball

From the cellar of a bowling alley, the "Mecha Ball" appears and starts to destroy the city.

Because of the Mecha Ball's simple structure, an attack is futile since there is no weak point. Opposing his four eager teammates, Ken decides not to go out, saying that if they attack without a chance for winning, they will only die a useless death.

At the same time, Ken watches Jinpei move a pachinko ball with a magnet and gets an idea how to defeat the mecha.

When Nambu hears Ken's proposal, he immediately builds a huge electrical magnet in the middle of the alps and decides that the God Phoenix must lure the mecha there.

But with the mecha lured halfway to its destination, it changes its course to an international nuclear plant. Ken wants to get into the mecha himself and steer it towards the magnet. Joe wants to stop him, but Ken convinces him and flies away from the God Phoenix.

Getting in the mecha alone, Ken defeats the Galactor members and changes the course of the mecha. He destroys the steering panel, making sure the course cannot be changed anymore.

As Jun holds her breath and watches, the mecha ball is drawn towards the magnet and explodes. Ken's figure is reflected in the tear-filled eyes of the four teammates, similar to a bird flying in the sky.

Episode 24: The Neon Giant Laughing in the Dark

Scientists from the ISO headquarters are murdered one after the other and Nambu orders the Science Ninja Team to act as bodyguards.

The Science Ninja Team separate for their guard duty. During Ken's guard, he surprisingly meets Galactor's Ninja Blackbirds and follows them, but loses sight of them near an amusement park. At the same time, Jun and Jinpei are attacked by a Neon Giant which appeared accompanied by the sounds of a flute. In order to let the scientist escape, they offer themselves as bait, but fall off the street. Jun reports that the Neon Giant resembles the Indian statue standing before the amusement park where the Black Birds vanished. Because of that, the Science Ninja Team waits for the night and sneaks into the park to start investigating.

Since Jun said that she heard the sounds of a flute, Ken follows a flutist who leads him into an underground base. It's Katse in disguise. Katse tells Ken that this night, Nambu will get attacked.

Ken gets in contact with Joe and Ryu, telling them to hurry to Nambu's location, but he's caught in a pertinacious attack from the Black Birds. Before his eyes, Katse steers the Neon Giant with the flute's tune. When Jun and Jinpei intrude, Ken flings the flute away, and orders Jinpei to play on it. Through Jinpei's nonsensical tune, the Neon Giant overheats and explodes. The plan to asssasinate Nambu has failed.

Episode 25: The Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell

An ISO volcanic research center is attacked. The God Phoenix, starting the investigation, is surprised by the Magma Giant and escapes into the sea where the Giant cannot follow it.

When Joe says that the Magma Giant's face resembles the face of Jesus Christ sculptured into a steep slope in the national park, the Science Ninja Team goes there to investigate. A girl climbing the Jesus Christ sculpture is suspected to be a Galactor agent by Joe and questioned, but she answers that she's here to sculpture the statue, continuing the tradition of her family in the third generation.

Together with the girl they go into the cave found in the steep slope and discover a base. The Jesus Christ face sculpted in the slope, is plunged into lava seething in the interior of the base and comes out as the Magma Giant. Seeing this, Ken calls the God Phoenix. At the top of the base, there's a special glas which is actually at the bottom of a sea. The sea is used as a lense to heat the magma, using the sunlight. With a rocket, they break the glas and thus destroy the base.

When a message comes in from Nambu that the Magma Giant is heading towards a city, the Science Ninja Team split up in their individual machines and lure the Magma Giant towards the sea. The Magma Giant cannot resist and steps into the sea. Through the sea water he's instantly cooled and becomes a black piece of rock, standing still.

The girl then gets her chisel to begin sculpting again.

Episode 26: God Phoenix, Be Reborn

ISO ships are attacked one after the other by Galactor's black ray. And because Ryu is napping in the God Phoenix, he cannot be mobilized.

Ryu feels responsible and gives Nambu his bracelet back, while shaking off his teammates who want to stop him. He then goes back to the fishing-village where he was born. During this time the fishing areas in the village become polluted through unknown causes. Since Ryu's father is the co-operative head, is blamed by the village people. Ryu tells his father to ask Nambu to analyse the sea water.

In the analysis, a matter is found which results from a process to produce metal. Nambu thinks it's Galactor's deed and arrives in the fishing village with the Science Ninja Team.

Thinking that the sea is strange, Ryu, together with Ken who has been following him, discovers a machine in the water shaped like a ray, which can fly in the sky and dive in the sea. Following it, they discover a base and sneak into it, but end up getting caught. When they succed in barely escaping, Galactor is about to deploy the ray machines to attack the world. The two men lock themselves up in the command room and defeat Galactor by letting water flow into the base, but they wind up getting caught into the base themselves.

Ken reports to Nambu that the destruction of the base has been accomplished by Ryu and requests that he be taken back into active service. The two men, waiting for their death, are rescued by the G4 machine. Back on surface, Ryu gets his bracelet back from Nambu.

Episode 27: Galactor's Witch Racer

The ISO gets a message from Lucy, one of the executives at Galactor, that she wants to reveal the location of their headquarters in exchange for $ 10 billion. Therefore they contact Lucy by having Joe team up with her in the world customer car endurance race across Africa. The other 4 team members are going to act as guards for their scout.

After Joe gets into the car, he expects the information immediately, but Lucy says it's not possible until the rally is over.

On the way, they are attacked by mechas camouflaged as animals. It is Galactor who have come to know of Lucy's treason. But with Ken and the other's help, they escape the attacks and continue the rally. As they approach the finish line, Lucy asks her old friend Joe whether they don't want to team up and take over Galactor.

Evading all kind of obstacles, the team of Lucy and Joe wins the race and gets $ 100'000 in prize money. In the tea room, Joe demands that Lucy gives him the information as offered. When Lucy tries to answer, she suddenly starts to move strangely and finally breaks through a wall and falls to the ground where she explodes. She was a cyborg manufactured by Galactor, and a radio signal emitted by X caused her to self destruct.

Joe is taken aback by Lucy who is now nothing more than a pile of iron fragments. His anger towards Galactor is ignited again.

Episode 28: The Invisible Demons

Children keep dissolving into thin air. Even the members of the Science Ninja Team become eye witnesses to one of the disappearances. Ken follows some tire tracks on the ground and enters a mirror maze. There he discovers some snail mechas, but they become transparent and disappear.

Galactor is collecting children with strong brain waves in order to produce the brain wave monster Alphagila. The monster reads the secrets of the ISO in its institutions, and then destroys them. Nambu enhances Jun's brain waves for a while and makes her pose as a bait. The Science Ninja Team locates her radio signal, sneaks into the base beneath the mirror maze and saves the children.

Then, based on the information he got, Katse is going to an uranium storage room in the desert.

But, because the interior of the room becomes a mirror dome, the mechas which snuck in and should be transparent, become visible. In reality, they fell into the trap Nambu prepared. The mechas are thrown aside by the fast-approaching God Phoenix.

The Science Ninja Team thinks that they have cornered Katse for sure this time, but he gets away again, disappearing in blue-white flames.

Episode 29: The Demon Man Galack X

Jinpei and Ryu visit the Shirayuki orphanage where Jinpei grew up, in order to play with friends. The children beg them to take them to watch some kickboxing. At the same time, in a volcanic area, strange things are happening. Ken and the other two go to investigate, but don't find anything extraordinary.

After watching the fight, the children go to ask the winner, Galack X, for an autograph. They learn however that he was trained with deadly weapons in his boxing gloves. They are caught by the female assistant and taken away. Ryu, following Galack X by Jinpei's request, battles with Galack X, but gets hurt. He contacts Ken and the others.

Jinpei, following the children, sneaks into a building behind the orphanage. There's a Galactor base and the assistant is Katse in disguise. Katse intends to have the now inactive volcano erupt and burn the city. Jinpei's clackers hit the switch and the eruption begins. Katse escapes in a rocket.

With Ken and others, who had now arrived, they defeat Galack X and save the children. But the lava is flowing out of the mountain in direction of the city. Burning the orphanage, it continues its way. Despite his injuries, Ryu suddenly comes flying in the God Phoenix. They unite and destroy the mountain with a rocket, succeeding in damming up the lava. The city is saved, but the orphanage is completely burned. The Science Ninja Team starts to rebuild it, together with the children.

Episode 30: The Guillotine Mecha Kamisoral

A water shortage is occurring everywhere. As if to pursue the beaten enemy, an invisible enemy continues to pound, destroying dams and water tanks. The Earth is put into a grave situation.

The God Phoenix is mobilized and discovers the flying mecha Kamisoral which has become a white shadow. Merely flying past it causes great damage and missiles are useless since they can be cut apart by the mecha's sickle.

The Science Ninja Team somehow manages to escape and report to Nambu. During this time, an announcement from Katse is received saying that tomorrow will be the last day for mankind.

Nambu guesses that the Mecha will attack a nuclear power plant next. In order to create turbulences and a vacuum, which are regarded to be the mecha's weak point, a plan to create artificial rain is changed to the size of a typhoon.

Equipped with a special filter, the God Phoenix goes to the power plant and succeeds to lure the mecha in the test area for the artificial rain fall.

While waiting for the artificial typhoon, the God Phoenix is caught by the mecha and has to fight very hard. The missiles show no effect either and the God Phoenix, caught in the sickle of the mecha, is drawn into the typhoon together with it.

In one instance, the force of the mecha's sickle is diminishes because of the thunderstorm's shock. The God Phoenix is able to escapes. The Mecha is drawn into the eye of the typhoon by the vacuum and explodes. The Earth's crisis is over.

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