Episode 31: The Plan to Kill Dr. Nambu

Nambu's car is attacked by Galactor. But because of Joe, who seems to remember the Devil Star's rose bomb, they escape by a hair's breadth.

Everybody wants to fully concentrate upon protecting Nambu since he's targeted. But Joe cannot agree with them and leaves the villa. In order to control his anger, Joe runs his car around a racetrack. When his parents were murdered, he too suffered a lethal wound by a rose bomb. His memories revive and he thinks of revenge. Just then, he has to save a woman from an accident on the track. Before parting, they make an appointment to race on the track together the following day.

Meanwhile, Nambu boards the cross-continent train, along with Chief Anderson's secretary, in order to conduct an investigation. Ken thinks that it's a Galactor trap and boards the train too. The remaining three team members hide and wait for the Devil Stars in their individual machines. Ken defeats the Devil Star members in the train, but the secretary, having turned into the female commander manages to flee in a disc-shaped plane. Jun defeats the Devil Star members who want to destroy the tracks further ahead. Joe faces the last remaining Devil Star member. He knew the spot through a feather shuriken left by Ken in a map. Their respective weapons clash. The rose bomb pierces the Devil Star's chest along with the feather shuriken. They go past each other and behind Joe's back, the Devil Star's mask falls away. Her face is revealed to be the girl Joe was planning to race.

Episode 32: The Great Gezora Operation (Part 1)

Galactor is targeting Lawnpark City, which the ISO has used all its resources to complete. The Mecha Gezora appears and starts to attack. The God Phoenix confronts it, but the mecha escapes through the use of a smoke screen.

Receiving a warning from Galactor, the Science Ninja Team mixes with the other citizens and starts to investigate. But thinking this might be a Galactor trap, they take off their bracelets and split up in the city.

While searching, Jun and Jinpei save a woman being attacked by violent criminals and get invited into a manor-house. Jun thinks all this is suspicious and accepts the invitation on purpose. The lady of the house ushers them inside and invites them to a delicious and abundant meal. Jinpei falls asleep because of a drug in the coffee, but Jun only pretended to drink and fall asleep. She watches what is going on carefully. When the lady of the house orders her men to kill them Jun offers resistance, but she gets caught. She excuses herself, saying that she's a a city police officer, but the lady of the house is convinced that she's part of the Science Ninja Team and locks both of them up in a subterranean prison.

Ken and the others get worried when Jun and Jinpei don't show up at the agreed time and they split up again.

Meanwhile, Gezora tries to lure the remaining three members of the Science Ninja team into the open by attacking a chemical factory.

Episode 33: The Great Gezora Operation (Part 2)

The Science Ninja Team doesn't know where Jun and Jinpei are, and Gezora starts to attack. But with two of them missing, scoring is difficult for the team.

Katse appears on the big city square and publicly announces that he will continue the attack until the Science Ninja Team shows itself. As the Galactor rifles are trained on some children throwing stones, Ken's boomerang comes flying in and Joe and Ryu also seize the opportunity to appear. Katse gets cornered, but boasts that two of the Science Ninja Team are his prisoners. Ken contradicts this statement, saying that the remaining two members are inside the God Phoenix. Katse gets into Gezora and flees.

Jun and Jinpei are about to be executed by the lady of the house when, according to Ken's plan, the God Phoenix with five human figures in it passes on a screen. The execution is stopped.

As Ken sneaks into a manor-house which appears suspicious to him, he finds a message saying that if he wants to save the two, he should come to the uranium storage building. The God Phoenix hurries there. There, Gezora is flying with the building in its hands. Ken sneaks into Gezora and saves the two team members. After Jun has installed a bomb, they escape together.

The Science Ninja Team, again consisting of five members, shows itself and heads towards Katse. Gezora explodes when it touches the uranium, and again, Katse is the only one who gets away.

Episode 34: The Diabolic Aurora Operation

Strange radio waves attack people together with an aurora. Afterwards they run amuck and cause grave accidents. While fishing, Ryu is also bathed in these radio waves. Because Ryu's speech and behaviour are strange after he comes back to the base, an investigation is conducted. It results that Ryu's brain waves are like those of a cat.

Additionally, Nambu is touched by those radio waves as well. In a rage, he tries to activate the switch for the self-destruct mechanism of Crescent Coral. Joe punches him out.

Ken and Joe take Ryu with them and go to the place where Ryu got hit by the radio waves, in order to find clues. Because they can't get any answers, Joe gets angry and punches Ryu, who then hits the boat's panel and suffers an electrical shock. However, this causes him to return to his true personality. They think that an electrical shock might also work in Nambu's case, but because Nambu's brain waves keep changing their frequency, they have to destroy the mechanism producing the radio waves. The God Phoenix is therefore mobilised, and they seek the suspicious aurora Ryu saw.

What they finally find is Thundersaurus, but the Science Ninja Team has to fight hard because the mecha's barrier of radio waves. A rocket is fired, but gets stuck and does not work. But as the mecha increases its electrical voltage, the blind shell explodes. Jun has made all the necessary installation to create the situation in which the increased voltage causes an explosion. The mecha is destroyed and all the people running amuck become their usual selves again.

Episode 35: Burn, Desert Flame

In the country Doria, oil springs have been discovered. A battle has started between the King, keen on the mining rights, and the Prince, who's on the side of the poor, revolting people. It has become a civil war. Now there's also a never sleeping force, intent on making this into a world war.

The King, in a disadvantageous situation in this war, asks the Science Ninja Team for help. The God Phoenix sneaks into the country in firebird mode. Ken contacts Prince Ali and convinces him to talk one more time with his father, the King. Together they go to the palace. But the King's answer is a volley of bullets, aimed at the prince and his companions. Ken stops the Prince who wants to attack the King. They both are dropped through a hole in the floor into a subterranean prison, where they find the skeleton of the true King. Ken tells the God Phoenix to come and get them, thus escaping.

At the palace, people are gathering to demand the release of Prince Ali. The Mecha Moskon attacks them with bombs. Katse, disguised as the King, is chuckling while watching this. Ken appears before him and cuts the escape rope which Katse is holding. Katse falls into the city streets, which are wrapped in fire.

Elsewhere, the Mecha's nature of following every move is uncovered and the God Phoenix is able to lure it into the oil field. The God Phoenix shoots it and it goes up in flames together with the oil field. The people of Dorian see the God Phoenix, coming out of the flames as firebird, and worshipping the Firebird God, they start to believe in the rebuilding of their country.

Episode 36: Young Rascal Gatchaman

An ISO research ship is attacked and data regarding uranium resources on the bottom of the sea is lost along with it.

In the middle of the investigation, the Science Ninja Team discovers three persons, a father and his two sons, floating on the sea. They say they witnessed the occurence while fishing. But in the village they live, the brothers Taro and Jiro and their father have the reputation of being liars. Nobody wants to listen to their testimony that they saw an apparition of a crawfish and a moving lighthouse. Ken discovers that the squid the family fished out is a rocket. The Science Ninja Team decides to have a look at the lighthouse.

Ken saves Taro and his brother from a lynx in the vicinity of the lighthouse. They were imitating the Science Ninja Team by putting on capes made of chicken feathers. The Lynx turns out to be a Galactor cyborg. Then, Taro says that he knows a screct passage to the lighthouse and leads Ken there.

Beneath the lighthouse, there's a Galactor base. In the ensuing confusion, Taro and Jiro board the lighthouse rocket which also holds the uranium resource data. The Galactor commander, thinking he captured the Science Ninja Team, goes to the base where Katse is waiting.

The God Phoenix, following the crawfish mecha and is attacked by special metalic seaweed and rocket squids. In the vicinity of the attack, they discover the base. They rescue the children and recover the data. Katse, though cornered by the five team members, manages to escapes again by using a glas partition wall.

Episode 37: The Electronic Mecha Lenjira

Dr. Miwa is researching whether the surface of the Sanjo Lake, frozen over the whole year, can be used to produce strong energy from the sun, instead of using polarization glas. Now he has gone missing. He had questions because this year the lake wasn't frozen over and seemed to have started an investigation. Nambu orders the Science Ninja Team to look for him since he fears the misuse of the Doctor's research, but also because the Doctor is his friend.

The Science Ninja Team, led by the Doctor's pet Taro who was able to get to Nambu with a camera, heads towards the snowy mountains. There they discover a Galactor base. The Science Ninja Team and Taro are tricked by the Doctor's reflection. Taro is washed away by water falling from the ceiling of the base where the surface of the lake is located. The Science Ninja Team is locked up by walls made of reinforced glass.

But with Taro's help the Science Ninja Team escapes and intervenes in the test area for the mecha using the Doctor's research. Ken's boomerang cuts through Katse's mask. Hiding his face, Katse flees.

Ken, taking the Doctor with him, steals the enemy's snowmobiles and escapes from the base. Taro attacks the snowmobiles of the Galactor members about to assault the Doctor and the Doctor is saved, but Taro falls out of sight towards the bottom of the valley.

Lenjira explodes because the Doctor is not present at the experiment. It disappears together with the base.

Episode 38: The Mysterious Mechanical Jungle

As part of the Mantle plan, a pollution-free city is constructed in the desert. Nambu and the Science Ninja Team have come into the city for the inauguration. In the middle of the parade, a man who introduces himself as the archaeologist Dr. Mukashiski is distributing leaflets for a dinosaur exhibition.

That night, the city is attacked by dinosaurs, and Ken sneaks into the dinosaur exhibition from Dr. Mukashiski. It turns out to be a jungle from the dinosaur period. Ken is caught by ivy made of metal and can escape into a subterranean sewer, but his bracelet is taken away this time. The Doctor takes the bracelet and, in order to make this is own merit, hides it.

Ken is severely scolded by Nambu who then orders the Science Ninja Team to get the bracelet back by all means. Nambu also leaves the attack on the dinosaurs to Red Impulse. Ken sneaks back into the sewer from which he escaped, and is discovered by the enemy, but G-4 followed him and saves him. Together they sneak into the base and rescue the three other team members who have been caught inside the base. They also recover the bracelet from Dr. Mukashiski. With the remote control destroyed by the Science Ninja Team, the magnetic propulsion energy of the dinosaurs explodes and they are destroyed along with the base.

Episode 39: The People Eating Flower Jigokiller (Part 1)

Outside of Earth's atmosphere, a Devilstar ship appears. Spores of the Jigokiller plant are released towards Earth by Katse's hand.

In a rainy night, women (and only women) are attacked. Jun who is alone in her shop, is attacked as well. She brings tissue of one of the flowers that was burned by her bomb, to Nambu. In the analysis, it results that it's a flesh-eating plant from ancient times. But it's not yet decided what its weak points, habits, etc are. Because only women are attacked, Jun simply borrows a protective suit which allows the bearer to breath also deep in the ocean and drives quickly through the city on her motorcycle, acting as a bait. Jinpei follows her, and she is swallowed by the Jigokiller plant in front of him.

The Jigokiller flees. While looking for Jun, the Science Ninja Team receives orders to burn some Jigokiller plants to finish them off. They are located at a water reservoir that serves 10 million people. The team members hesitate since Jun may still be alive in one of those plants, but Ken says that it's the duty of the Science Ninja Team and even though he's grieving, drops his plane's fuel onto the flowers. Knowing Ken's feelings, the God Phoenix sets the flowers burning with a missiles. Meanwhile, Jun is caught in the interior of one of the flowers. The flames are stirred up, and from the interior of the flowers white spores are released, spores whose secret is yet unknown to the Science Ninja Team.

Episode 40: The People Eating Flower Jigokiller (Part 2)

Jinpei is lost in mourning in Jun's empty shop. Elsewhere, Nambu is absorbed with the research on the Jigokiller plants.

Hidden in the sewer, the Jigokiller plants start their activities and many damage reports follow. Ken refuses the order to move out, driven by the remorse that he abandoned Jun. Red Impulse beats into him the importance of the responsibility that it's up to him to at least find her body if Jun is dead.

Ken's bracelet receives a bird scramble signal. Despite the fact that it might be a trap, the Science Ninja Team is mobilized. Willy City is well-equipped with sewers. They locate the bird scramble in a subterranean base. It is ideal for the Jigokiller plants, since they're weak in the sun and they grow in darkness and water. Breaking into the base, they are barely able to rescue Jun who is bound to a scaffold.

Meanwhile, Nambu discovers by coincidence that his blood causes the Jigokiller plan to wither. Because of this, he finds out that the plant cannot stand the Y-chromosome that every man has. He entrusts Red Impulse with a special Y-chromosome bomb.

Because of the bomb dropped by Red Impulse, a Y-Chromosome rain is falling and each of the Jigokiller plants wither. The crisis of humankind is over.

Episode 41: The Murder Music

Invited by Jun, the Science Ninja Team visits a concert by the popular rock group Demon 5. The Demon 5 is kidnapped by Galactor right in front of them.

Galactor has Demon 5 play the murder music composed by X. Using a Sonic Mecha, they start to play this music high above the city. The music destroys buildings and drives people crazy. The God Phoenix is mobilized, but meeting a counter-attack, it's forced to retreat for the time being.

Revived by the operation's success, Katse has Demon 5 play another powerful murder music, but this time, the drummer uses his sticks to add a morse code signal. Jun notices this signal woven into the music. The analysis reveals that the signals tells the location of the Galactor base.

Hurrying there in the God Phoenix, the Science Ninja Team saves Demon 5 just before their execution. But they are attacked by the Sonic Mecha. They get advice from Nambu that they should emit the same sounds, delayed by half a tact. As they follow this advice, the magnetic waves from the Sonic Mecha are interrupted and it self-destructs.

Back home safely, the Demon 5 are in concert again. The Science Ninja Team is present as well, listening to the music as common people.

Episode 42: The Great Escape Trick Operation

During his vacation, Ryu asks a passing car whether they can take him with them. But the car is part of a Galactor plan to free prisoners. Ryu is consequently captured by Galactor and taken along to the Jinjin prison which houses only prisoners sentenced to death that have tried to escape earlier. Galactor, upon arriving in the prison, kills the guards and has the prisoners assemble in the prison yard. The plan is to make them Galactor members. Ryu is in the midst of those prisoners, but because he has taken away his bracelet, he cannot get into contact with Ken and the others. He decides to go along to the Galactor base.

Learning of the incident, Nambu starts planning a trick operation to ambush Galactor.

Ken, disguised as commander, has all the prisoners enter the God Phoenix, which is camouflaged as a Galactor transport airplane. He wants to draw some information regarding the location of the main Galactor base out of the Galactor leader who came to pick up the prisoners. Ken becomes a suspect and is consequently knocked unconscious. But the rest of the Science Ninja Team, with a tape containing pieces with Katse's voice, manages to continue the operation. The prisoners are cheated by a fake landscape built in the prison yard, and end up right back in the same prison again. Meeting his friends, Ryu thinks about the one man he met in the prison who dreams about going back home to his family.

Episode 43: The Romance Extinguished by Evil

The two countries of Bien and Ameria suffer from a long war. When the two countries finally make peace, their respective representatives standing for peace, Romina and Julia, get married as a symbol of peace. However, Galactor is planning to prevent the marriage of the two, to start the war again in both countries.

The Science Ninja Team serves as bodyguard during the honeymoon trip. Joe thinks that the man he met in the airport, who supposedly has the same convictions as Romina, is suspicious. So he follows him, but loses sight of him near an old temple. Meanwhile, Romina and Julia are captured by Galactor robots. Ken and the others, still doing bodyguard duty, follow them, but lose sight of them.

Searching the vicinities, they find the old temple. The Science Ninja Team sneak in and are attacked by a dove-shaped mecha. They fight hard, but a sun ray reflected off the compact Jun dropped, causes the dove mecha to self-destruct.

When they intervene in the interior of the secret base, they discover Romina Julia, their whole bodies turned into cyborgs by Galactor. Ken offers them the possibility to escape, but they chose to die, becoming the reason for peace, rather than to live as puppets for Galactor's will. Embracing and kissing each other, the two changed cyborg bodies are wrapped in a lightning, smashing the Galactor plot to bits.

Episode 44: Galactor's Written Challenge

Galactor's Arkeo attacks the Moroi City. But Nambu judges that the Science Ninja Team is no match for the mecha's shock wave, therefore they don't receive orders to move out. Even when an announcement sent by Galactor arrives, the Science Ninja Team only gets an order to stand by. The Team ignores Nambu trying to stop them and gets mobilized. But they end up in a dangerous situation when they're hit by the mecha's shockwave. They are saved by Red Impulse.

Ken yells at the angry Nambu that it's fine with him if the bracelets are given to the Red Impulse squad. The Red Impulse commander asks Nambu whether it would be possible to hand Ken and the others over to him. In the Red Impulse base, located in the South Sea, they start special training. Ken and the Red Impulse commander keep repeating the exercise of quickly pulling up with their planes. The other four watch Ken with sympathy. He is very happy, feeling like being with his father, even if he keeps protesting. For those four, the other Red Impulse members wait with a special training as well.

In the middle of the training, Ken sees the waves caused by a pebble thrown into the water by Ryu and suddenly understands the aim of this training - Namely to invade the center of the shock wave.

Again, an announcement of the next attack by Arkeo is received and the God Phoenix departs with the Red Impulse squad. By breaking through the shock wave and throwing bombs at the mech itself, they manage to make it explode.

Ken, accompanying Red Impulse, does not know that this Red Impulse commander is his much sought-after father.

Episode 45: The Seal Science Ninja Team in the Night Fog

A secret mining factory of the ISO is attacked and the island on which the factory is located is besieged by Galactor. In the mine, an ore containing more energy than uranium is being mined. If this ore were to fall into Galactor's hands, the consequences would be catastrophic. Opposing the ISO which demands the protection of the ore, Nambu insists that saving the people has priority. The Science Ninja Team and a group of transport ships head towards the seal island where the factory is located.

The island is hidden all year in a fog, and also Galactor is just standing there without being able to intervene. One group sneaks in, ducking under a Galactor attack, and gets near the island. They send G-4 to the island and he decides to get the workers out of there to the ships. He is able to hide them in a group of seals that had been surprised by a Galactor attack and are seeking shelter in the sea.

The plan succeeds and the workers are saved, but the ore is stolen by Galactor's mecha. Also the fact that the workers could escape gets to be known. The transport ships are attacked and the workers taken as hostages. Katse threatens to kill the workers if the Science Ninja Team doesn't show itself. The Science Ninja Team appears in the dome atop the God Phoenix, but the moment the guns aim at them, the baby seal Jinpei took with him jumps into the sea. The Galactor members are distracted for a short moment by that noise and the Science Ninja Team seizes the opportunity to launch a counter-offensive. They succeed in reclaiming the ore from the mecha.

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