Episode 46: Gatchaman in the Valley of Death

Ken is maintaining his beloved plane at the airport when a man with a gun forces him to fly a plane. Since Ken's plane has only a single seat, the man makes him fly another plane made for two people. During the flight, Ken seizes an opportunity and tries to take away the man's gun. However, the man fires a bullet which hits a wire in the fin tails of the Cessna, making it impossible to control the plane. The man, using the only parachute on board, escapes, saying that he will go to sell information to the ISO. Ken makes a forced landing, but because of that shock the radio device in the bracelet ceases to function.

Ken sees a Galactor Mecha and follows the man who heads towards a valley. There is an abandoned Galactor mine there. Ken and the man are captured and hung up in an old well. The man has betrayed Galactor for money and has hidden a tape in the well which contains an overheard discussion between Katse and the Prime Minister of a certain country. Ken transmutes and rescues the man, defeating all the Galactor members in the building. But in an explosion occuring at that time, the man, who has seen Ken's true face and has followed him, is badly hurt.

The Galactor commander, who got out alive, is about to attack them with a mecha. The man entrusts the tape to Ken, along with a message to his mother living in Hontwall, then he throws himself and the Galactor commander towards the bottom of the valley. What remains is the tape, which was smashed by the commander, and one name. "Kelly, Arthur Kelly is my name".

Episode 47: The Devilish Airline

In order to finish an ultracomputer, Director Anderson himself is hand-carrying the core of this computer in his private jet to the research institute in the Jetol plateau. Galactor anticipates this, and starts to move in order to steal the component before it reaches the heavily fortified research institute.

The Science Ninja Team, in the God Phoenix, takes over the guard duty for the director's private jet. But the disguised Katse has already taken the place of a stewardess. Katse eliminates the pilot and has the plane flown to the base guided by radio waves. Director Anderson notices the disaster and transmits a morse code signal with the radio attached to the seat. Ken and the others receive the signal and immediately follow the director's machine with the intention of getting it back. But they end up being led to the Galactor base. Just before arriving to the base, the director escapes using the ejector seat. But the core of the computer falls into the base. The Science Ninja Team and the Galactor members start a fight in a room, but through better teamwork, the Science Ninja Team gets the component back.

Having gotten back the minister and the component, they blow up the Galactor base with a rocket and head afterwards towards the research institute in the God Phoenix.

Episode 48: The Camera Mecha Shutterkiller

Galactor plans to use the Shutterkiller to copy data from ISO institutions and to then destroy those institutions. The ISO institutions are attacked one after the other.

The Science Ninja Team guards the institution which is most likely to be attacked next and, shortly pretending to have been defeated, follows the mecha in the G-4. Jinpei finds the Galactor base in the middle of the desert and goes on digging into the earth with his G-4. In addition, the other four team members follow him and sneak in. But when they enter the base, the G-4 machine is left unmanned. They start looking for Jinpei, and find a factory which restores the copied ISO data. Splitting up, they continue with destroying the factory and looking for Jinpei.

Meanwhile, Jinpei has been taken along by a spaceship which is supposed to transmit rays from the mecha. Jinpei is saved and the factory destroyed, but Katse gets in the mecha and escapes. Attaching a wire to the mecha, Ken and the others follow him. Katse wants to shoot at them with the mecha's electronic laser flash.

Ken notices this and throws his boomerang into the shutter part of the mecha. As a consequence, the mecha can't open the shutter and the laser hits its own interior. The mecha blows itself up.

With a damaged hull, the Science Ninja Team returns to its base. But Katse will be back, showing his teeth.

Episode 49: The Terrible Mechadokuga

The Science Ninja Team is accompanying Nambu, who came to the ISO headquarters for a conference. Jinpei discovers a car with the emblem of Galactor, hides in the car and goes to the Galactor base. But when he wants to get into contact with Ken, he is captured.

Meanwhile, in Nambu's office, a message from Katse arrives saying that he will blow up ISO buildings unless the Science Ninja Team hands over some data regarding newly discovered uranium ore. Despite knowing that it's a trap, Nambu mobilizes the Science Ninja Team.

Heading towards the location agreed upon, the God Phoenix is attacked by missiles from a mecha. Ken, using the many lobsters in the vicinity, causes the missiles to deviate from their course. Pretending to be done for, the case with the data is released into the sea, visible amidst some debris.

The mecha collects the case and heads back to the base. In that base, the captured Jinpei escapes, sending a bird scramble. From that signal, the Science Ninja Team figures out the location of the base and breaks in, saving Jinpei.

Realizing that the case is empty, Galactor presses the switch to blow up the ISO buildings, but through a trick of Jinpei, the Galactor base explodes.

Jinpei is feigning to know nothing at all when the other four team members are very much astonished at the base blowing up.

Episode 50: The Dinosaur Skeleton Torakodon

In the country Inderia, droughts and heavy rainfalls occur every year. In cooperation with the ISO, a plan to build a dam in the hinterland to create lots of arable land is being made. But through mysterious events which are happening again and again around a shrine which will be inundated by the dam, the plan is progressing only very slowly. At long last, the Torakodon skeleton appears.

The Science Ninja Team gets the order to investigate and sneaks into the country. Events like a landing transport plane exloding on the runway the God Phoenix was supposed to use, show the handwriting of Galactor. Jinpei and Ryu, staying in a cheap hotel, get involved in a murder case.

Ken hears that the murder might have been connected to the fact that a golden coin has been found at the construction place. He thinks that the picture carved into the coin shows a secret underground passage way to the shrine and starts to investigate that shrine.

While escaping, Ryu and Jinpei sneak into a Galactor base built in the cellar of the shrine and learn that the purpose of Torakodon is to have people stay away from the missile construction plans in that base. Ken and the other sneak in from the street and together they destroy the missiles. They blow up the control mechanism for Torakodon and defeat the Galactor members, afterwards they leave the rest to the local police and depart from the country.

Then, just as Katse arrives in Inderia, the base explodes before his eyes.

Episode 51: The Rotation Mecha Kataroller

The Science Ninja Team follows Nambu's orders to come to Huntwall to spend their free time there. Only Ken doesn't trust those instructions. At that moment, a man in a white suit, being pursued by the police, appears and Ken helps him. But when they hear from the police commander that that man is a Galactor, the Science Ninja Team is on alert.

While flying his Cessna, Ken is attacked, but saved by the Red Impulse commander. The man in the white suit is the Red Impulse commander. He asks Ken for help to get the legal proof that the defense minister of that country concluded an agreement with Galactor. He then tells Ken that he spent 10 years to stop Galactor's plan, abandoning his family.

The two sneak into the mansion of the defense minister and get their hands on the film proving the agreement. However, they are discovered. The Red Impulse commander tells Ken to give the film to the president, then they split up.

On the following day, when they come to the presidential manor to hand over the film, the Galactor mecha Kataroller shows up right in the middle of the president's birthday party. It picks up the mansion and lifts it into the air. But through the Science Ninja Team, the people could already escape and the mecha, having failed to assasinate the president, goes away.

Ken hears from Nambu that he can meet his father once this task is finished and goes off, his heart full of longing thoughts.

Episode 52: The Secret of Red Impulse

To be able to see his father! Carrying this wish in his heart, Ken follows the whereabouts of the mecha. Before him somebody is shot and wounded. It's Sabu, a friend from Ken's childhood. When Sabu sais that he saw Ken's father in Huntwall, they both go there.

In Nambu's office, Katse makes a bold appearance in disguise. He leaves saying that if the world does not surrender to Galactor in Huntwall, the V2 plan will be realized. The V2 plan is the terrible plot to make the Van Allen belt descend with a special rocket, thus extinguishing mankind with radioactive flames...

Nambu orders the remaining four team members to stop the rocket without Ken. But the teamwork breaks apart and they can't use their missiles. The God Phoenix is surprised by the mecha and with skill they manage to defeat it, but they were definitely at a disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Ken has met Sabu's treason and is held isolated by the defense minister in order to lure the spy Kentaro Washio into a trap. But coming to the rescue is Red Impulse. He scolds Ken that now is not the right time to ask such sweet things like how his father is. He then tells him the actual situation.

Joe and the others have arrived in Hontwall, and before their eyes, the rocket takes off into the sky. Blaming the fact that Ken was not there, the Science Ninja Team is told by Nambu that Red Impulse himself is Ken's father.

Episode 53: Farewell, Red Impulse

The Galactor rocket explodes in the Van Allen belt and humankind enters the worst crisis ever.

Upon the message from Galactor saying that a rocket restoring the belt will be launched if the world surrenders within 24 hours, the representatives of all countries assemble. They feel the time pressure and want to come to a conclusion. Nambu tells them to believe in the Science Ninja Team and puts an autolock on the doors so that they won't open until the following morning.

The Science Ninja Team is mobilized to take away the Galactor rocket and to restore the Van Allen belt. At approximately that time, Ken sneaks alone into the construction facility for the rocket. In order to complete the rocket within the timeframe, it is changed from automatically controlled to manned. Ken, in the middle of Galactor members who are sleeping, tired from the now finished incessant work, emits a bird signal. But then Katse's gun is pointed at him. Ken transforms into birdstyle. The gun of the Red Impulse commander, who sneaked in as well, is then pointed at Katse. The God Phoenix breaks in and Katse escapes and the defense minister falls to his death.

Taking the responsibility, Ken says he will get into the rocket himself. Jun then tells him that Red Impulse himself is Ken's father.

The dream of Ken to reunite with his father also becomes their eternal separation at the same time. The Red Impulse commander throws Ken away and gets into the rocket himself. Ken runs after him, calling for his father. In Red Impulse's mind, the figure of Ken in his youth is turning around. The rocket disperses across the sky and Earth is saved.

Episode 54: Gatchaman Burning with Rage

Katse, who got into his stride by the funeral of Red Impulse, plans to destroy institutions related to uranium in the whole world.

The representatives from all the countries assemble at the ISO, and a conference to discuss countermeasures is opened. The Science Ninja Team acts as guard. Ken alone separates himself from his friends, lost in mourning over the death of his father. At that time, he discovers a dead body in the middle of a fountain. Because the flag of the country of Atarii is attached to the body, Ken penetrates into the conference room and captures the Galactor who poses as the representative of the Atarii country. After returning to Crescent Coral, Ken makes the man spit out the location of the headquarters by continuously torturing him. Nambu slaps Ken, saying that his behaviour is not excusable by the fact that the man is a Galactor. Ken turn his back towards Nambu and forces the other members of the Science Ninja Team to go with him. Guided by the man, they go to the location.

But in the base, which is only a common one, they encounter an ambush by Katse. They end up getting trapped in a room with walls made from ice from the north pole. Katse raises the room's temperature, thus causing the ice to slowly melt. He then leaves to attack the uranium institutions.

Joe and the others blame Ken, that his behavior, which is solely aimed at revenge, caused all this. Ken wails whether they know how it feels to have a father killed. Jun rebukes him that he is not the only one without parents. Those words cause Ken to get back his calmness.

The Science Ninja Team escape from the ice chamber and blow up the base. They pursue the Mecha in the God Phoenix and demolish it with their missiles.

Episode 55: The Death Defying Mini Submarine

The sea takes up 70% of Earth. Galactor makes Nambu and the Science Ninja Team chose between their lives and pollution of the seas by PCB.

Pretending to agree, the God Phoenix goes to the pre-defined area in the sea, but when they blow up the approaching mini submarines, the pollution matter streams out and the Tarushia Sea ends up polluted. Ken discovers three tankers which seem to control the mini submarines and, using the mini submarine loaded into the God Phoenix, sneaks in. There, cleaning work is done for the returning mini submarines. Ken is discovered by Galactor. He defeats them and heads towards Katse's whereabouts, but in the meantime the tankers have transformed into one huge tanker which emits a magnetic force attracting the God Phoenix whose hull starts to crack.

Ken pulls the control lever. Katse, activitating the self destruct mechanism of the tanker, escapes into a passageway beneath the floor. Ken pursues him, but Katse escapes in a rocket. Ken and the Galactor members go out into the sea, but the pollution matter flowing out of the tankers is approaching them. The Galactor members each die as they touch the pollution matter. By a hair's breadth, Ken is picked up by a mecanical arm outstretched from the God Phoenix and thus escapes the danger.

Soon, the Galactor cleaning capules are released into the sea and it gets back its former beauty.

Episode 56: The Embittered Bird Missile

Jun is attacked by a group of bikers. Koji saves her, he is a former race champion and Jun's friend from childhood.

Now he has become the commander of a Black Bird squad and is on the way to blow up the missile base of a certain country. When he wants to install the time bomb, the figure of Jun, the way he encountered her, crosses his mind. Without installing the time bomb, he runs away from the base. Jun sees his figure and reports to Nambu. She disagrees vehemently however when her comrades voice the opinion that Koji is a Galactor.

Koji, who didn't fulfill his task, is ordered by Katse to assasinate the President during a bike race which the President will be watching.

Jun goes to that race, in which Koji participates, only very reluctantly. But she agrees when Ken says that they will try to save him if possible. Koji's attempt to assasinate the President is foiled by Joe's sharpshooting and ends up in failure.

Koji seeks refuge in the officers' mansion. Jun follows him and sees how Koji gets orders from Katse. Koji notices Jun as well.

The bikes of the Black Bird squad transform and unite into a snake-shaped mecha which starts to attack the God Phoenix. In order to defeat the mecha, Jun presses the launch button for the missiles. When Koji is defeated by the Science Ninja Team, he decides that this is the punishment for his own crimes.

Episode 57: The Evil White Sea

Mike Miller, a sniper, has been released from prison after 35 years. Galactor gives him a small tank with a freeze gun on board and orders him to eliminate the Science Ninja Team.

Three observation satellites high above the south pole are shot down. Guessing that this is Galactor's fault, the Science Ninja Team heads towards the South Pole. Katse is awaiting their arrival, accompanied by a small tank. Joe tells Ken to pursue Katse and goes after the tank, but the freeze gun freezes him along with the G2 car.

The rest of the team heads out in order to fight in their individual machine, but when Ryu sees how Jinpei is done for, he heads towards the tank without thinking and the G-5 gets frozen as well.

But when Mike aims at Jun, he hesitates one moment and the bullet misses. Besides, the gun is starting to burn because of the continuous use. The fire is fanned by the G1 and the fallen over tank goes up in flames. Ken and Jun approach Mike. He asks them why they didn't fight using weapons. Ken answers him that their individual machines are not equipped with weapons. Mike shows Ken the cores of the bullets he secretly took away and tells him that his comrades are not dead. He also says that he missed the shot at Jun because he saw in her figure his daughter from whom he was separated 35 years ago. Then he dies.

Inside the God Phoenix, which is on its way home, Ken says that if they wished for weapons, it wouldn't be them to try outdoing Galactor.

Episode 58: Mekabutta from Hell

The Jet Cutter, developed by the ISO to gain energy without causing pollution, is stolen. Nambu gives the order to recover it. Ken opposes him, asking whether they have to pay for the faults of the ISO. It's because of a lack of reason which makes him think that he wants to attack the enemies of his father. Jinpei starts crying at the argument between the two men. When Ken sees this, he reluctantly agrees to be mobilized.

Ken and Joe enter the cave where Mekabutta disappeared and are attacked by buddha statues acting as surveillance devices. Ken ignores Joe who suggest they should return to the God Phoenix for the time being, and he runs towards the interior. Joe follows him, but is hindered by the fire being spouted by the buddha statues. Ken discovers the Galactor base and Mekabutta in the interior of the cave, but gets knocked unconscious when he touches an iron grating with high voltage which comes falling down. When Ken wakes up in the God Phoenix, Mekabutta has already left the base and is heading towards an uranium mining factory.

The God Phoenix pursues Mekabutta, but the Jet Cutter is loaded aboard the mecha and it spouts continuously heat of 40'000 degrees celsius from its four faces, on each side one. The God Phoenix has to fight hard against it.

But Ken, using the multiple firebird figure, lets the Jet Cutter shoot without pause, thus causing Mekabutta to self-destruct because of overheating.

In the God Phoenix, on the way home, Ken apologizes for being hotheaded because of this desire to fight the enemies of his father. Joe tells him that if they defeat Galactor one by one, Katse will be cornered.

Episode 59: The Secret of the Mecha Factory

A fishing-boat is in the vicinity of Ghost Island and becomes eyewitness to a big ray and cuttle-fish. Afterwards, it is swallowed by a huge waterspout and is shipwrecked.

On Nambu's orders, Ken and Jun land on the island and start to investigate. As night falls, the two of them see how previously defeated Galactor mechas appear explode as they are swallowed by a waterspout. They are convinced that there has to be a mecha factory. They defeat Galactor members who have come searching for intruders and take their place. Then they sneak into the base.

In the base, Doctor Ogawara and his assistant Nakamora are about to explain the new mecha Komaking to Katse. Ken tells Jun to contact the God Phoenix, then he gets into the mecha. But Jun follows him, sneaking in as well.

The God Phoenix fights hard against the waterspout created by Komaking. But Ken and Jun destroy the power generator of the mecha and it starts to fall. Ken catches Katse in the command room and brings him back to the God Phoenix. Fulfilling a wish he has since a long time, Ken pulls off Katse's mask. But the face appearing beneath it is the one of Nakamora.

Katse has already escaped.

When Ken weeps tears of anger the words of his father seem to resound in his ear, encouraging him.

Episode 60: Science Ninja Team G-6

During an experiment with Galactor's brand-new mecha, the research machine crashes. Katse commands the termination of the survivors.

The Science Ninja Team arrives at the crash site of the machine. It is not clear what the purpose of that machine was. They discover a young man and bring him back. The young man has lost his memory. He and Jinpei become good friends. When the name of Galactor is said, the young man shows a strong reaction in his motion nerves. He goes out on a motorcycle together with Ken. They are attacked by Galactor and from that shock, the young man remembers the location of the base, the weak points of the mecha and also that he himself is a Galactor.

Ken wants to go to confront the mecha and take the young man with them. The young man declines, suffering from the fact that he's Galactor. However, Ken convinces him to go with them. Jinpei then addresses him as "Science Ninja Team G-6".

Ken and the young man sneak into the mecha. While Ken attracts the enemy, the young man seeks the device to reverse the flame and laser gun, the weak point of the mecha. However, he is captured by the commander and told to shoot Ken with the gun given to him. Ken tells him to think this over. The young man points the gun at him, saying that this is his destiny. The bullet and Ken's boomerang fly away at the same time. The bullet pierces the commander, the young man is hit by the boomerang. He tells Ken where to find the reverse mechanism, then he breathes for the last time.

In his report to Nambu, Ken tells the following: Through G-6's death defying deed, the mecha could be blown up.

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