Episode 61: The Imaginary Red Impulse

Ken is flying over the country Hontwall in his G1 plane. He is shocked when he sees the three Red Impulse planes. The figure in one of the machines is undoubtedly his father. When the Red Impulse commander asks him whether he should lead Ken to the new base, Ken gets into contact with Nambu. However, without listening to Nambu trying to stop him, Ken heads towards the base. Nambu orders the God Phoenix to investigate what is going on in reality. However, the God Phoenix encounters a mecha without the G1 on board. It is caught and brought to the base.

Ken asks Red Impulse why he didn't let him know that he was alive. Red Impulse answers that it was because he was looking for the Galactor Headquarter. He says that he would like Ken to hand a briefcase to Nambu containing information regarding the location of some bases.

When Ken brings the briefcase to Nambu, he learns that they didn't get any report from the God Phoenix. In order to make sure of the real intentions of Red Impulse, Ken goes back to the base. Because Red Impulse uses some delicate words, Ken understands that Red Impulse is an imposter. The commander is Katse in disguise and there was a transmitter installed in the briefcase. Ken gets angry and grabs Katse by the collar. However, Katse takes advantage of an opening and gets away. Ken is dropped into a subterranean prison under the floor. His abducted team mates are there.

Ken escapes from the subterranean prison and contacts Nambu, telling him to get rid of the briefcase. The signal of the transmitter is interrupted and the mecha follows the small transmitter Ken attached to Katse. The Galactor base and the mecha end up attacking each other and are destroyed.

Episode 62: The Snow Devil Blizzarder

A celebration is held in order to praise the merits of the Science Ninja Team. However, the participants are super robots. They were invented by Nambu with purpose. His plan is to let them be intentionally captured by Galactor. Then based on their message, learn where the location of the enemy base is, have the real Science Ninja Team sneak in there. But Ken thinks that the enemy will not be fooled by them, so he takes the place of his robot.

As Nambu intended, a Galactor mecha appears, freezes the robots and Ken with a freeze ray, and takes them to the base. After being thawed, Ken mingles with the robots and sends a bird scramble. The God Phoenix receives the signal and hurries towards the base. But the robots explode upon touching high voltage electrical current. It becomes obvious that they are fakes. The mecha is deployed. Ken sneaks in the mecha and throws robots' debris into the propulsion system. The mecha crashes and goes up in flames.

Ken is dead. With their breath held, his comrades look at the screen in the God Phoenix for a long time. Before them, Ken's figure appears slowly falling, having escaped by using the robot's capes as a parachute.

Episode 63: The Devilish Mecha Ball Which Kills Everything

Professional baseball players disappear in front of the spectators during a short power outage in the middle of a match.

Nambu thinks that it's Galactor's fault and according to his instructions, the Science Ninja Team are keeping guard everywhere in the baseball stadium. During another game, a similar power outage happens, and the players disappear before their eyes again. This time however, Jinpei, who was acting as a ball boy on the field, has disappeared as well.

The remaining four team members go to investigate the ground thoroughly in the middle of the night. But suddenly the surface of the earth breaks open and Ken and Jun fall into a secret subterranean base. They are made to inhale some gas and are taken into a cell. Jinpei is already in the cell. He says that the players are brainwashed by some kind of drug and are to receive a special training in order to turn them into Galactor members. The three of them escape from the cell. Katse tells them that during the match this evening under the floodlight, a hydrogen bomb might explode. It would be capable of blowing away the whole country. Then he escapes. Ken contacts Nambu. Joe and Ryu start to search immediately for the bomb on the surface, but the game has already begun.

Ken gets information from the commander that if a homerun ball hits the backscreen, the fuse will be activated. A homerunball is hit. Joe and the others aim at the ball flying towards the backscreen. All four weapons miss their aim. However, the ball is knocked away just before hitting the backscreen. The ball falls to the ground and it is pierced by Ken's boomerang.

Episode 64: The Deadly Christmas Present

A year earlier, the northern country Flanbel escaped from the rule of the Dictator General Somure. But Galactor, who instructs Somure, appears in the mansion of the Prime Minister and tells him that he either obeys or dies. By the demand of the governor, the Science Ninja Team sneaks in through the secret back door.

On the peace memorial day, presents are distributed to the children by the governor. But the Suimusa group, which Jinpei met, have their presents stolen by children from the upper city quarter.

That night during a patrol, the Science Ninja Team discovers that all the families which opened the presents are dead. They learn that the governor is a subordinate of Somure and has put poison gas into the presents.

Meanwhile, the Suimusa group has gone to the celebration site in order to tear down the snow man to vent their anger. However, that snowman is the camouflage for Galactor's mecha. Mistaking the shapes of the Suimusa group for the Science Ninja Team, Galactor captures them. But they are saved by the Science Ninja Team who follow them and take them aboard the God Phoenix and escape. The mecha pursues them. In the interior are the governor and Somure. Burying the mecha together with Somure and the governor, the God Phoenix leaves. Inside, the Science Ninja Team says they want to make a present as replacement for the ones the Suimusa group missed. The Suimusa group replies that the best present was to have been able to fight alongside Gatchaman.

The voices of the children echo "Justice will win for sure!"

Episode 65: The Synthetic Mecha Superbem

The conserved brains of famous doctors keep getting stolen. A monster also steals the brain of Dr. Yamashina, an expert in robot engineering. The Science Ninja Team follows it, but lets it get away.

But Nambu gets a hold of one of the tentacles from the monster. Analysis shows that the monster is the low life form Bem from space. Nambu fears that if Galactor's scientific powers can control space life forms, they may be able to revive the dead brains.

At a scientific exhibition, Dr. Yamashina's creation, the X1 robot X1, is planned to be revealed. In order to achieve that, Director Anderson requests protection for it. At the exhibition, Bem appears, unites with X1 and escapes. The God Phoenix pursues it, and discovers Bem again at the spot where it lost sight of him before.

Galactor has Bem and the robot unite. With the brain energy of the doctors Superbem is completed. Ken has it followed by the God Phoenix and sneaks into the base himself.

In the base, the commander guiding Bem notices that a brain don't have enough output. In reality, the stolen brain of Dr. Yamasina is an imitation placed by Nambu on purpose. Ken sneaks in there and destroys the energy source for Bem. His plan having failed, Katse orders the self-destruction of Bem. Bem and the base explode together and the God Phoenix, uniting with the G1, escapes the explosion using the Firebird.

Episode 66: The Devilish Fasion Show

The queen of the country Monarins is a big fan of the Science Ninja Tea. Every year, she donates big amounts of money to the ISO. Katse comes into the country himself, planning to weaken the activities of the Science Ninja Team by killing that woman.

Elsewhere it is predicted that a Galactor assault may take place during the fashion show and the Science Ninja Team is put on guard duty. Ken and the other sneak into the country as common tourists.

In the middle of the night, while Ken and Joe are investigating the surroundings of the palace, they get a baptism of fire from the finger ring bombs of some ominous figures. Ken, thinking that it is difficult to evade this attack, intends to take over the technique of the roller game which is a characteristic for the Monarins country.

Also, Jun gets hired as a model by the designer responsible for the fashion show. Shortly thereafter however, Katse and the Devil Stars take the place of all the participants except for Jun. Jun enters the palace and notifies the queen that the Science Ninja Team will always be at her side.

In the final stages of the show, the designer announces an original design that turns out to be the Devil Stars. The queen, beleaguered by the Devil Stars, calls the name of the Science Ninja Team as the fashion of justice. As a result of the special training, the Science Ninja Team evades the finger ring bombs of the Devil Stars. Katse sees that he's at a disadvantage and calls a mole tank to escapes alone.

Episode 67: Gatchaman Fire, Kill for Sure!

Katse, opposed to Sosai X's orders to destroy the Mantle Plan, asks whether it wouldn't be better to conquer Earth after the Mantle Plan was finished. X promises to Katse the rank of President Z and lets him start the operation. But behind his back, X laughs and says that Z is a symbol for murder.

Institutions of the Mantle Plan are attacked one after the other by a jellyfish mecha. The God Phoenix faces it, but its missiles have no effect. On the contrary, the launching ramp gets hit. The God Phoenix wants to escape with the multiple firebird. But mines are released upon the God Phoenix and it is wrapped in flames in no time at all. The God Phoenix makes a forced landing in the desert and explodes in the end.

While the rebirth of the God Phoenix is being carried out by the ISO, the Science Ninja Team has no means to intervene and can only watch Galactor's attacks. They are in an irritated state when they receive the message that the revived God Phoenix is finished. Each of their individual mechas has been outfitted with a weapon. But Nambu tells the five team members that the purpose of those weapons is not to kill, but for defending themselves.

When the message arrives that the jellyfish mecha is attacking the ISO headquarters, the God Phoenix is deployed immediately. Guiding the mecha to a mountain region, they defeat it with the weapons on their invidivual mechas and the Super Bird Missiles.

But in Ken's heart there is the doubt that if the development of new weapons continues, peace might still be far away.

Episode 68: The Particle Mecha Micro Satan

One day on a small island in the south sea, a nuclear explosion takes place.

The ISO research planes crash and burn in the high radio-activity. From the remaining records, they learn that in the vicinity of the island there's radioactivity, but not in the center of the island. The God Phoenix is supposed to go to investigate, but in order to overcome the radioactivity belt, they have to use the Firebird on the way in and out. Beauce of this, they request a research ship to supply them with fuel.

When they enter the island, there's no radioactivity, and the buildings are also undammaged. But there's nobody around. Joe sees human shapes in a tram which were exposed to very high heat and instantly made molten. He is convinced that a nuclear experiment has taken place. At that time, the walls of the buildings suddenly start to come loose and the radioactivity gets very strong.

They get into the God Phoenix and escape from the island, but because of the shock caused by the radioactivity belt not being there anymore, they all lose consciousness. When they wake again, they are on board the research ship.

There, Nambu is waiting and says that because of a change in plans they will return to the base in the God Phoenix. Ken is about to obey, but when Ryu says that, for passing the radioactivity belt, they didn't use any fuel, he turns towards Nambu and throws his boomerang. Nambu is Katse in disguise.

The strategy of Galactor - namely to pose as Nambu and to be led to the base in the God Phoenix, has failed. Katse escapes in a disc-shaped plane.

Episode 69: The Cemetery in the Moonlight

Galactor sneaks into the country Shosken, 80% of which is taken up by the Ohara desert and mountainous regions. Communications break off with a special troup which went there to investigate in the old tombs. In order to search for them, the Science Ninja Team splits up and mixes with the citizens. A woman confuses Jinpei with her dead son. But he sees his mother in her as well and goes to her house. There he hears the story that in the old tombs, which are called the devil's cemetery, caravans and people from the village disappear.

Jinpei thinks that those tombs are suspicious, and sneaks in there alone. He finds a Galactor base where they are trying to gain uranium from underground quicksand. The people who disappeared are made to work there.

Jinpei calls Ken and the others, who join him. Together they corner Katse. But Galactor has taken the village people as hostages and they are forced to release Katse. Nevertheless, Galactor wants to drop the hostages into the quicksand. But Ken's boomerang flies towards them. Galactor members are about to fall unto the self-destruct mechanism of the base. The self-destruct mechanism ends up being activated.

Katse and the Galactor members escape. Ken and the others guide the village people hostages outside of the base. The woman is worried about Jinpei and wants to return to the tomb. But is stopped and collapses crying.

Jinpei appears as a member of the Science Ninja Team and cannot show his face to the woman. After returning to the God Phoenix, he has a good cry clinging to Jun's chest.

Episode 70: Unite Girls of the Death Goddess!

Mummified corpses keep being found. Since the dammages continue, Nambu orders the Science Ninja Team to find out the cause of all this.

During a patrol, Joe saves a girl from a taxi which is being attacked by mannequin mechas. He takes her to the hospital. But Ken blames him for not contacting him from there and doesn't trust the girl.

Joe returns to the hospital and sees the girl running away from her hospital room. He also sees the nurse who has been assaulted. Joe follows the girl. The girl notices, and her face shows a slight smile.

Ken, who has received a message and come to the hospital, brings back a piece of plastic from the bed the girl was in. There he receives a message from Joe, saying "the cemetery of the puppets" and then breaking off. Connecting the plastic piece to Joe's message, the Science Ninja Team searches for a mannequin dumping place. However, Jun and Ryu are also captured by Maya, the girl who controls the mannequins.

Through Ryu's Birdscramble, Ken and Jinpei sneak into the base and save the other three. Then they defeat the mannequins.

Maya was allowed to leave Galactor if she succeeded in terminating the Science Ninja Team. But Katse shoots Maya, who failed, and goes away saying that it is not possible to leave Galactor alive. The masks falls from Maya's face. She tells the Science Ninja Team about the self-destruction of the base and murmurs that she would have loved living under the sun, then she passes away.

Episode 71: Invulnerable Sosai X

The ISO discovers a new energy source in the Himalaya, but an investigation troop sent there is annihilated by the Yeti.

Because of several rumours about Yetis, Jinpei goes to the Himalaya alone. There he is attacked by the Yeti, but it is a Galactor Yeti Mecha. The God Phoenix goes to the Himalaya to look for the missing troop according to Nambu's orders. They get the message from Jinpei about the apparition of the Yeti and head towards the location this message came from.

Elsewhere, matters have developped in such a way that Jinpei has been saved by Galactor members and is now working as a servant in the base. While working, he secretly sends a bird scramble signal. Additionally, when he brings food to Katse's chamber, he hears there Katse speaking with X.

The God Phoenix appears in the vicinity of the base and Galactor turns towards it, attacking it with missiles and flame throwers. However, because of Ken's tactic the God Phoenix keeps turning back and while it is continously shot at, an avalanche gets started and the base is hit hard. The God Phoenix breaks into the base. Ken and the others corner Katse again.

Ken tears away Katse's mask. Katse covers his face and from behind him, X appears with a flash and introduces himself as the ruler of Galactor. The Science Ninja Team is blinded by the light and they lose consciousness. When they wake up again, Katse and X's form have disappeared.

A certain anxiousness arises now that they are aware of X's existence. The mountains of the Himalaya still enclose that secret.

Episode 72: Swarm! The Storm of the Mini Mechas

In Amazonia the old entemologist (insect researcher) Toda who is continuing his research, notices unusal behaviour in the locusts. He notifies every authority and department, but he is not taken seriously. Jinpei, who heard his story, returns with him to Amazonia.

The unusual appearance of the locusts is a Galactor deed. With a guiding radio signal emitted by a locust mecha a swarm of locusts is made to attack the city.

In the research hut of Toda, they are attacked by a swarm of locusts. While protecting the hut with a pesticide, they capture the mecha locust leading the swarm and Toda finds out the frequency of the radio signal. However, because of the interfering radio signals, Jinpei cannot contact Ken and the others. He comes up with a plan and sprays the form of the bird head shape into a meadow with the pesticide. Having received a message about the unusal appearance of the locusts, the God Phoenix has come to Amazonia. They discover the mark and join Jinpei and Toda.

Because of the appearance of the God Phoenix, Katse accelerates his plan and releases mecha locusts and their locusts swarms, heading for the capitals of the world.

Ken hears the story about the radio signal from Jinpei and has the God Phoenix emit the the same frequency. He lures the locust swarms released in the world towards the sea and blows them up with a rocket.

Only Ken and the other know that the true credit belongs to the old scientist who piled up years of research and was ignored by everybody.

Episode 73: Pursue Katse!

The Science Ninja Team vanquishes another mecha and has let Katse escape yet again. With Nambu's transmission, they follow the course of Katse's rocket. However, Katse has switched to a car and heads towards a jungle. The Science Ninja Team descends towards the jungle as well in his pursuit and separates into three parties, searching for Katse.

X receives an SOS signal from Katse and, together with sending a commando unit, takes additional steps by setting traps in the jungle.

Joe criticizes Ryu for approaching a trap unprepared. But when he distrusts a wounded young deer, Ryu retorts that there's nobody more insensitive than Joe.

Meanwhile, Jinpei discovers Katse and corners him, but is in turn caught by the commando unit.

Before an ice covered mammoth, Joe and Ryu discover Jinpei about to be turned into a human sacrifice. They save him and additionally corner Katse, who changed into a shinto-priest. But Katse seeks refuge in the mammoth mecha and attacks Joe and the others. They are saved by a hair's breadth by the God Phoenix and Joe wants to shoot a rocket into the mecha. But when he sees a group of deer below the mecha, he hesitates.

Luring the mecha into the mountains, they shoot at the ground below the mecha with a rocket. The mecha disappears into an avalanche.

The Science Ninja Team is wrong in assuming that, because of the jungle with the traps set, the headquarter is nearby. Its existence is however still shrouded in the fog.

Episode 74: The Secret of the Birdstyle

The mammoth which should be buried in a glacier, appears at an amusement park where Jun and Jinpei have gone. While saving the children, Jun's shoe falls off and gets stuck between the mecha's claws.

Jun reports the loss of her shoe. Nambu tells her to look for it. He says that, with Galactor's scientific power, they might be able to discover the secret of the transformation from the shoe.

In the Galactor base, Katse orders the analysis of the shoe which remained completely intact after burning in the incinerator. At last they find out the frequency of the electrical waves which cause the shoe to transform into a white boot. X has Dr. Mizuno start developing a weapon to undo the transformation. Additionally, they start searching for G-3 based on the data gained from the shoe.16 year old girls are recruited for a beauty center. Jun, who is depressed because of losing her shoe, applies for the job, even though she knows that it's a trap. The female commander, who has captured the four other candidates besides Jun, puts them to sleep and transports them to the base. Jun pretends to be sleeping and transmits a bird scramble signal.

Jun is led off to the base and questioned by Katse. When it's almost too late, the God Phoenix appears. Jun seizes the opportunity and saves the girls, recovers her shoe and gets into the God Phoenix.

Katse fires the rockets of the mecha, but because of the guiding system built in by Ken, the rockets return and the base explodes together with the mecha.

Episode 75: The Sea Devil Jumboshakoku

While a Galactor mech is mobilized, one of the small planes loses speed and collides with the fisher boat on which Ryu's father is. The boat is shipwrecked.

When Ryu's younger brother Seiji hurries to Ryu's whereabouts and tells him of his father's shipwreck, Nambu's mobilization order goes out. Ryu desperately shakes his brother off, who is crying and clinging to him. But he ends up being late for the mobilization and the main research institute is already destroyed. Shortly thereafter, while they are doing bodyguard duty for a tanker, Ryu is worrying about his father's shipwreck as well and misses the course. In the meantime, the tanker has been attacked.

Nambu scolds him that he didn't do his best. Ken defends Ryu and tells Nambu that they are not robots which just follow orders. Nambu tells them that they are under house arrest. However, Ken and Jun hear from Seiji about the shipwreck of Ryu's father and go out in the God Phoenix searching for the father without Nambu's orders.

On one of the Amana islands they discover smoke and save Ryu's father and his comrades who are safe and sound. At that time, Ryu's father, without knowing that Ryu is his son, tells them the weakness of the mecha. Namely - when the small planes detach themselves from the main part of the mecha, the interior becomes visible.

Aiming at an uranium store, the mecha appears again. The God Phoenix is mobilized. As he learned from his father, Ryu makes a rocket hit right on target into the main part of the mecha right after the small planes have detached themselves. The mecha is defeated.

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