Episode 76: The Bracelet Revealed

When the mobilisation order from Nambu comes in, Joe is in the middle of a race. Because he finishes it, he is too late.

On the way to the meeting he transforms. The electrical waves emitted while transforming are intercepted by Galactor and Joe is targeted by the completed Megazainer. His leg is hit by the high frequency and its transformation is undone. Joe falls behind a rock, Dr. Misuno however is afraid of an explosion because of the continuous use and retreats.

Elsewhere, the other four team members arrive in a burnt-down subterranean city. They start searching for the source of some suspicious electrical waves, but it is a Galactor trap.

Joe is late and returns to Nambu's whereabouts, reporting about the weapon which can undo the transformation. Nambu tries to contact Ken, but does not get through. Joe follows the other four team members.

Meanwhile Ken is deceived by Katse's disguise and gets a direct hit by the Megazainer. However, he is saved by a hair's breadth by two members of Red Impulse. They have come upon Nambu's request to save the Science Ninja Team. Jun, Jinpei and Ryu are captured too and are to be exposed to the high frequency. Joe hurries to that place and saves them. Katse keeps aiming stubbornly at Joe and the others. There, the Red Impulse commander appears and fires a rocket. The disguise is thrown away and Ken appears. He plays with the Megazainer with his friends , which overheats and explodes.

The Red Impulse planes pursue the fleeing Katse. Ken watched Red Impulse leave. Joe throws Red Impulse's cap at Ken who looks at the cap he's holding for a long time.

Episode 77: Katse Has Succeeded

The country Dokual is rich in Earth's resources. But because it declines to pay supporting money to Galactor, the President's life is threatened.

The Science Ninja Team receives a call for help which reaches the ISO. They hide the God Phoenix at the bottom of the sea and secretly go to the President's residence. On the estate, several traps have been laid, but it is explained that they're only there to protect the President. The five of them meet the President, but from the fact that the President holds the cane in the hand opposite the side of his bad leg, they see through the Black Bird's disguise.

They are chased away by the traps inside the residence and are locked up by glas shields. Poisonous gas is put in, but because the glas shields are opened when the Black Birds want to shoot them, they escape. But when the five of them go out into the city, they are attacked by the citizens. The Black Birds have been sending out brainwashing radio waves. At that time, a manhole cover opens and a boy rescues the five. He has turned a subway into a playground and therefore has not suffered the influence of the radio waves. He says he wants to go back to his parents' house. Ken and the others follow the sewer, heading towards the source of the radio waves. They fight the Black Birds who have been waiting for them and destroy the mechanism producing the waves. However, Katse appears on the monitor simultaneously and tells them that he has carried off this country's resources. Additionally, he boasts that there was a mechanism which caused the base to blow up as well when the mechanism was destroyed.

Despite their escape, the Science Ninja Team can't hide its anger at their first complete defeat. The only help is the figure of the boy being embraced by his mother.

Episode 78: Death Defying Battle 10'000 Meters Below the Sea!

Joe sees his parents killed every night in his dreams. An extreme exhaustion is left in his body.

A research institute for the Earth's crust, which is located at the bottom of a deep sea canyon 10'000 meters below sea level, breaks off a connection. Ken and Joe go to the research institute in "Marin Saturn" in order to investigate.

While going deeper, Joe takes a relaxing nap. As a message from the surface relates information about the existence of a mysterious submarine, Joe hears it, has a nightmare and pulls the cord of the radio set, tearing it to pieces.

The submarine is actually from Galactor. The Galactor members have changed into the engineers of the research institute. They go into "Marin Saturn" together with Ken and Joe and, seizing an opportunity, they point their guns at the two. They take the "Marin Saturn" to a carrier and lead the two men into a gas chamber.

But Ken sneaks away without much difficulties. He leaves Joe behind since he's not feeling well, as he goes to destroy the carrier. The fuel ignites and an explosion follows. Ken goes to pick up Joe and sees him standing motionless before the flames.

Judging that the source of the nightmares is in the light, Ken has Joe face the flames. Joe's memory comes back. He wails that he himself is a child of Galactor. The two men escape by a hair's breadth from the exploding carrier in the "Marin Saturn".

On their way home, the two men discover the engineers who were captured in some ghost water and died there. Ken reports this information to Nambu in a message. Joe asks whether Ken does not want to tell Nambu that he's a Galactor himself. Ken answers him: "You're the Science Ninja Team G-2".

Standing up on the "Marin Saturn", the two men watch the setting evening sun.

Episode 79: The Stolen Gatchaman Information

Secret information regarding the Science Ninja Team is stolen.

Nambu orders the Science Ninja Team to investigate why the ISO scientist Boronbo acted as a spy and to stop any data from reaching Galactor.

Ken pretends to be a Galactor and contacts Boronbo. He learns from Boronbo's story that his daughter has been taken hostage, but before Ken can introduce himself, Boronbo locks him up in his own house and goes away with the data.

Through Ken's message, Joe and the others discover Boronbo's car near the ISO headquarter. Under a red sportscar, which is besides Boronbo's car, they discover the entrance to a subterranean base. The four of them are dropped from an elevator, but Ken who arrives late, saves them.

The Science Ninja Team is beleaguered by Galactor members. In the middle of the confusion, Ken pursues the fleeing Katse and secretly joins him in a mecha going to another base. After Katse has noticed Ken, he wants to blow him up with the base. He installs a timebomb and escapes with the data. Ken has discovered Boronbo's daughter in the base and takes her with him, escaping from the base.

Elsewhere, Katse is baffled at the data disappearing. Boronbo has cleverly arranged that the data is erased when the switch is turned.

Rumi says that she would like to see the face of her benefactor. Ken covers his face and hands her over to Boronbo. In the train on their way back, Ken has dissolved the transformation and when Rumi passes him without noticing him on her search for Gatchaman, he picks up her fallen rose and looks at it for a long time.

Episode 80: Return to Life, Boomerang!

In the country Assham, an uprising has started. Traces of a confusion ray appear on the body of the leader who has been shot. Thinking that a few hundred people have been bathed in that ray, the Science Ninja Team sneaks into the country.

During the investigation, Ken and Jinpei notice that the peackocks, which are the country's national birds and which are bred and released in the country, are robots. The peacock mechas cover the two men with confusion rays. Ken pushes Jinpei away and saves him from the rays, but he is attacked by the Peacock Devil, which then takes with him the car Ken has hidden in. Ken's boomerang remains behind.

The Science Ninja Team receives a broadcast showing the car that Ken was in, being destroyed. They are grieving when the message reaches them that the mecha has appeared again. The Science Ninja Team says it's a fight in memory of Ken and gets going.

The God Phoenix has to fight hard against the mecha, getting bathed in the confusion ray. However, Ken has escaped from the car and destroys the launching device in the mecha. The iron ball, which was about to be launched, opens a hole in the hull of the mecha and Ken can go to the outside of the mecha. Ken contacts Joe and tells him to shoot a rocket with a timing device into the mecha.

Because of the rocket shot into the mecha, panic arises and Katse ends up getting away. Just before the mecha crashes on the soil, Ken detaches himself from the hull. The timing device moves and the mecha explodes.

His comrades are happy that Ken survived. Jun returns the boomerang to Ken's hand.

Episode 81: Duel on Galactor Island

BC Island is an island ruled by Galactor. A man visits the grave of Giuseppe Asakura and his wife, which has not been visited by anybody for ten years. Because the man on the photo transmitted is disguised and looks like Giuseppe, Katse goes to the island. It is said that Giuseppe's child died in the hospital it was brought to, but when Katse learns that the man who brought that child was Nambu, he has the child's grave opened. It is empty.

The order to capture the man is issued to the whole island.

While escaping Galactor's continuous pursuit, that man, Joe, encounters his friend from childhood, who is now Father Alan. At midnight Joe, who has been wounded, appears at the church and asks him to shelter him. While Alan is treating him, Joe learn's from Alan's words that the Devil Star girl he killed earlier was Alan's fiancé. Slipping by Alan, who left, Galactor enter the church and Joe collapses because of the bullets. At that time, the Science Ninja Team has learned of Joe's past and hurries to him.

The Science Ninja Team has defeated Galator, but then Alan appears holding a gun. Alan points the gun at them, asking who Joe, the Condor is. Ken answer that it is him. When Alan's finger touches the trigger, Joe's bullet penetrates Alan's chest. However, Alan's gun did not hold a bullet.

Joe wails that Alan was the most needed man on this island. By the hand of the inhabitants of the island, a solemn funeral is held for Alan. Behind the rows of people, the God Phoenix takes off.

Episode 82: Aim at Crescent Coral!

Dr. Misuno, a Galactor, succeeds in diminishing the earlier invented detection device, which discovers the electrical waves emitted when the Science Ninja Team transforms. Galactor plans to use it in an operation to track down the Science Ninja Team and follow them to their base.

They rebuild some previous mechas and have them rage everywhere. Catching the short moment when the Science Ninja Team transform, they succeed in their plan.

The Science Ninja Team, not knowing the Galactor plan, reunites in the God Phoenix, and wants to attack the mechas. However, Nambu suspects it's a Galactor trap and orders them to return to the Crescent Coral, leaving the mechas to the UN troups.

However, the God Phoenix is followed by some crab-shaped bulldozers. When they notice their followers, Cresent Coral is already in sight. They contact the base and tell them to change their location. The base and the God Phoenix are however already surrounded by some mechas. The crab bulldozers aim at the propulsion system of the base, but G-4 is mobilized and protects the system from the bulldozers.

Desperately returning the fire, they manage to defeat the mechas and the base is saved. But Crescent Coral has been detected and, additionally, the secret of the capability to change its location is known as well. In the ears of the Science Ninja Team, the continuously approaching steps of Galactor are resounding.

Episode 83: A Death Defying Ring of Fire

During construction of a subterranean factory of the ISO, Galactor attacks and a drill falls into a crack in the Earth. Since the energy source of the drill is uranium, it is predicted that, when the drill touches the magma, a huge earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8 will occur.

The Science Ninja Team, together with the geologist Dr. Karig, goes to collect the drill in an Earth investigation car, with the G-4 in the lead. The time limit is ten hours. On their way, they encounter an ambush from a mecha. Ken gets into the G-4 and, acting as bait, lures the mecha away from the car. He then shoots his boomerang, converted into a time bomb, into the mecha.

Soon the wagon is stopped by a rock layer. Joe and the others want to have the rock detonated by the monkey brought along by Dr. Karig, but from the monkey's collar, Katse's voice is heard. Karig's family is held as hostage and he accompanied them as a spy. G-4 returns to them and then digs its way just below the drill.

Through Katse's message, Dr. Karig learns that he has been abandoned. He wants to stop the detonation by having the monkey bite through a cable in the interior of the drill. But the mecha appears and starts attacking them. Ken has the timebomb explode. The descent of the drill is stopped by the explosion, but Dr. Karig is buried beneath the drill and loses his life.

Looking after the drill, which is collected by a crane, Jinpei takes away the receiver on the monkey's collar and stamps on it.

Episode 84: The Spider Net Mecha Smokefiber

The scientist Demon tries to sell his own invention to Galactor by using it to attack a cargo plane, which carries goods for those in need. He hates Nambu, who has been battling him for a position in the ISO as a schoolmate. For leaking information on the mecha and thus luring out Nambu, Katse makes it a condition that the true faces of the Science Ninja Team should be revealed.

Nambu agrees to Demon's invitation and goes out to an airfield. Demon notices that the Science Ninja Team secretly acts as Nambu's bodyguards. He takes a picture of the figures with a small camera hidden in his eyepatch, then throws a small bomb. The Science Ninja Team understands that their uncovered faces have been photographed and they lose their courage.

Soon another cargo plane takes off and the God Phoenix accompanies it as bodyguard. Ken tells them to fly into the spider net of the appearing mecha. Through the information received from Demon, the G-4 is equipped with an electronic membrane and can cut through the threads with its buzzsaw, thus enabling the God Phoenix to fly into the mecha.

Demon points his gun at the Science Ninja Team. The bullet hits Jun's bracelet and the transformation is undone. Demon points his camera at Jun but Ken and Joe appear in front of him, extending their cpaes and protecting Jun.

The Science Ninja Team approaches Demon. He resigns and when he hands over the photo, he presses the switch for the self-destruct mechanism.

After escaping, Ken and the others look at the photo in the God Phoenix. Voices with relieved laughter are heard. In the photo, only the legs of five persons about to fly away can be seen.

Episode 85: He's G-4!

The message is intercepted that Galactor spies will sneak into Utoland City.

With a funny look to the Science Ninja Team, who are guarding the frontiers, the spies just walk in.

Meanwhile, Jinpei meets a hippie named Dave and decides to have him work at the restaurant. Jinpei leaves the work to Dave and goes out in his buggy. He is stopped by a suspicous looking policeman for driving as a minor without license. Seizing an opportunity, he flees, but gets hurt. Dave eagerly acts as Jinpei's male nurse and Jinpei starts to have feelings towards him like towards a father. But Joe thinks Dave is suspicious and watches him in the very act of communicating with Katse. Ken and the others use Dave to set a trap. They don't tell Jinpei on purpose, but he hears the conversation on his bracelet. He feels responsible and goes alone to the place where Katse is supposed to be lured.

When they learn that, the four other team members and Dave race to the place. There, the Chessknight mecha is waiting. Dave wants to rescue Jun and Jinpei, who are hanging from the ceiling of a bridge. He is pushed by Katse to tell him what the true faces of the Science Ninja Team look like. Dave says nothing and pulls up the two team member. Katse blows up the bridge.

Jinpei is saved by the G-5 craft. He thinks that Dave left not as a Galactor spy, but as a friend and cries at Jun's chest.

Episode 86: Galactor's Buying up Operation

The world sugar reserve is about to be exhausted. The artificial sweetener Shugare is developed as a substitute, but when the distribution starts, sombody buys it all.

Because of the message that Shugare has been found in the water flowing out of the Bikkuiero mountains, the God Phoenix goes there. There they find a crashed cargo plane. From the wreckage it turns out that the man buying up all the Shugare is a arms dealer named Gilman. From the black box they conclude that the loading place for the plane could have been in four different places. They split up the work and start searching.

Jinpei and Ryu turn themselves into a prince and his chamberlain and offer a ransom for places where ants assemble. When they go out to verify the message a woman named Mei brought, they are captured and brought aboard a submarine. She's Gilman's secretary. Ken, having been contacted by Jinpei, says that he won't help them. He said they should lead them to the main base. Ken then starts to follow the submarine.

After arriving at a relay station at the bottom of the sea, Katse, who turned himself into Mei, reveals himself and shoots Gilman. This is since the buying up has ended and he has no further use for him. Besides, he wants to reload the Shugare and go to the main base. But Ryu and Jinpei seize an opportunity and escape. They meet up with the God Phoenix which comes flying into the base. When they exit the base, Katse's submarine shoots rockets aimed at the God Phoenix, but they hit the relay station. While escaping, Ryu did a trick so that the submarine couldn't move anymore and is blown up by the Bird Missile.

Episode 87: The Triple Joint Mecha Patogila

While on patrol, Jinpei falls in love at first sight with a girl in a holiday house in the mountains. When Jinpei returns, he sees in the news that Maria, the daughter of a great multi-millionaire, has been abducted. He learns that that girl was Maria. Jinpei rescues Maria alone. However, a boy who took on six grown-up men and who disappeared without saying his name raises the suspicion of the local police chief, who is one of Galactor's men.

Because there are policemen who saw Jinpei's face, the whole department is sent to search for the boy.

A letter from Maria reaches Jinpei. Jinpei meets her in an amusement park which she mentioned in her letter. Maria says Jinpei had asked her to come here. Jinpei notices that it's a trap. Katse, in the look-out tower, orders Patogila to reveal the true face of Jinpei.

Meanwhile, the God Phoenix is mobilized because of a crayfish mecha. However, they can't contact Jinpei because of interfering radio waves. And because Jinpei was invited by a letter, even though as a member of the Science Ninja Team no one knows his address, they become suspicious and go to the amusement park.

When the four of them arrive at the amusement park, they have a dummy of Jinpei with them and show its face in the top dome. Jun throws the dummy into the other side of the building Jinpei is in. Jinpei transforms and joins them in the God Phoenix. Now they can defeat Patogila with the Bird Missiles.

Jinpei visits Maria who has been brought to the hospital. His comrades watch him with concern. Jinpei, having left her room, endures the pain of not meeting her again until Galactor has been defeated.

Episode 88: The Iron Beast Snake 828

There is a man who has guessed Katse's secret and who has worked his way up in the staff of Galactor. But he is in prison now. He is looking for help in a very safe place.

Nambu shows to the Science Ninja Team photos and the records of a female pupil that the man had had. On the back of one of the pictures, which is believed to show the female commander, a name is written: "Katse". In order to search for Katse's secret, Ken and Jun go to the school of the girl in the photos and the remaining three members go to the prison.

Ken and Jun hear from Professor Howard of that school that the girl had an IQ of 280 and that she changed schools every year. Before changing schools, the performances of that pupil were below average and besides, the pupil was male. On top of that, he heard that at the same time they finished school the record rooms of both of them burned down. After Ken and Jun have left, a rocket is shot into the Professor's room.

Elsewhere, Joe and the others who were supposed to go to the prison, fight desperately against a mecha. Ken joins them and with his wits, they escape from disaster. However, the Galactor commander has sneaked into the interior alone and has killed the man. The Science Ninja Team has to fight hard against the tough commander. However, he collapses when he perforates his windpipe with Joe's airgun, which he had laughed at as being a toy.

Pursuing Katse's mystery, Ken and the others visit Professor Hume's home, but they are a step behind and the Professor has already been killed. The Science Ninja Team realizes that the bare-noticeable old man they went by on the stairs was Katse in disguise. They shudder at Katse's superhuman disguise.

Episode 89: Setting a Trap at Crescent Coral

Ryu laughs at Jinpei, who is moving earth with the G-4 machine in order to shape a coral reef into a crescent form. The purpose is to turn this coral reef into a bait and lure Galactor there. Nambu goes along with the plan and hands over a special liquid which dyes things red. When something is coloured by that liquid, it is visible on a special radar and cannot escape.

G-4 is standing by on the bottom of the sea. Soon, Galactor's spy satellite discovers the crescent shaped coral reef. The order to move out goes to the sea bottom tanks in all the bases. Galactor approaches. When Jinpei fires the colouring liquid, the sea bottom becomes red as well and the radar becomes useless. When they learn that it's a fake base, the sea bottom tanks surface and head back to their bases.

G-4 follows them with the radar and discovers six individual bases which the Science Ninja Team destroys completely. Jinpei follows the very big mecha of Katse which is returning to the main base. Katse learns of his follower through a communication from X and, after firing the torpedos, sets the self destruct mechanism and escapes.

With the help of Jinpei's message, the Science Ninja Team follows Katse. But Ryu alone is worried about Jinpei, who is following the mecha, and follows him. Despite the fact that he's hurt when he puts himself between the G-4 and the torpedoes directed at it, they surface together, fleeing from the self destruction of the mecha.

The other three corner Katse's plane, but in the pilot's seat there's only a puppet. Once again, the Science Ninja Team has let Katse escape, but Ryu and Jinpei' are in a cheerful mood.

Episode 90: Armoured Mecha Matanga

Joe, who is busily maintaining his weapon, is told by Ken that using weapons is a mistake, which results in a dispute.

Before his father's grave, Ken is wondering whether, even if they defeat Galactor, a new evil organization will be born.

On Mikron Island, there's a extinct volcano in the middle. Around it, seven evenly-dispersed cities are expanding. The mecha Matanga takes place on top of the mountain and sends a message to Nambu which says that it will attack a city every twelve hours as long as Nambu doesn't send the Science Ninja Team.

The Science Ninja Team goes to the island, but Ken makes only consecutive photos of the mecha and goes back to the base.

He has the photos developped and examines them, looking for a weak point in the mecha. If they would blow up the mecha with its thick armour, the whole island would be destroyed as well. Soon, Ken notices that the mecha has a vent and asks Nambu to manufacture a special bullet.

The Phoenix opposes the mecha, standing still in the air. At its tip, Joe aligns the Condor Machine, which is loaded with a single special bullet. Ken's instructions are to shoot the bullet through the vent, which measures a bit over one centimeter. The interior of the mecha then becomes a sea of fire. The mecha clutches the God Phoenix to its chest and heads for the sea. Ken, betting that the belly armour is thinner, has Jun's rocket fired into it from the top dome.

Ken wins the bet. The mecha is blown up by the rocket.

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