Summaries for Gatchaman II

Well, contrary to Gatchaman I, these are no straight translations, at least most of them. I had three sources for these summaries: Gatchaman Graffiti, the OUT Magazine and the booklet for the Gatchaman II LD box. Since the last ones were the most accurate ones, I took them as the "master" and inserted information from the other sources where applicable.

Each summary has four screenshots. Yes, I realize they're pretty small, but if you click on them, you get a larger picture.

Daniela did scripts for those episodes she taped in Italian and translated those scripts to English. Where available, there's a link to her pages. Be careful though: Those scripts base on the Italian version and we found at least one mistake there. So: no guarantee for accuracy either.

Again, no guarantee for accuracy. But I do hope you enjoy the summaries!

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