Episode list

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Episode 1 Governor X's Counterattack
Episode 2 The Mysterious Feather Shuriken
Episode 3 The Black Knights from Hell
Episode 4 Has Joe returned?!
Episode 5 The Big Attack of the Mysterious Cavemen
Episode 6 The Shocking Pyramid Power
Episode 7 The Terrible Mutant Operation
Episode 8 The Firebird of the Moon
Episode 9 The Downfall of Berg Katse
Episode 10 Snowstorm at the Equator
Episode 11 Struggle! Hypernium 600
Episode 12 The Secret of Dr. Raphael
Episode 13 Youthful G-2
Episode 14 Red Impulse from Space
Episode 15 G-5 with the Pure Heart
Episode 16 Black Out Joe
Episode 17 The Devilish Equation
Episode 18 The Spaceship Cannot Answer
Episode 19 The Trap in the Other Dimension
Episode 20 Crisis in G-Town
Episode 21 Broken Wings of Youth
Episode 22 Mysterious Stonehenge
Episode 23 Love extinguished at the North Pole
Episode 24 G2 Under Suspicion
Episode 25 The Sad Cyborg
Episode 26 The Mysterious Secretary Pandora
Episode 27 Dr. Nambu dies!
Episode 28 Love Stolen by a Feather Shuriken
Episode 29 Life or Death! The Evil North Wall
Episode 30 Ryu Has Returned to His Hometown
Episode 31 The Eagle is Shot Down
Episode 32 G1 - Love in the Andes
Episode 33 Angry G-1
Episode 34 The Evil Mecha from the Amazon
Episode 35 Berg Katse's Inheritance
Episode 36 The Sad Underground City
Episode 37 Burn, Iron Wings!
Episode 38 The Electromagnetic Mecha Iron Devil Dragon
Episode 39 The Purple Condor
Episode 40 Fight hard! The Devilish Animal Operation
Episode 41 Gatchaman Against Gel Sadra
Episode 42 The Observatory Moving in the Darkness
Episode 43 Invaders from Mars
Episode 44 Strike! Evil Mars Base
Episode 45 The Devilish Solarshifter Plan
Episode 46 Gatchaman unmasked
Episode 47 Kill for Sure! The Two Firebirds
Episode 48 The Biggest Tidal Wave in History
Episode 49 Burn, Condor!
Episode 50 Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra's Mother
Episode 51 Sad Gel Sadra
Episode 52 The Downfall of Governor X