Episode 1: Governor X's Counterattack (Script)

  A shining object collides with the luxury liner Queen Margareth. A child with special chromosomes is abducted from the sinking ship. Governor X has returned and with the help of his scientific power the child grows very quickly. It is given the name of Gel Sadra and enters on the task of being the new Galactor leader. Soon, numerous scientists and soldiers begin to disappear.  
 Gel Sadra is created Getz leads them into the trap
  Elsewhere, Dr. Nambu has already predicted the counterattack of Galactor. He has had the Science Ninja Team resume their activities at their underwater carrier base G-Town, which capable of changing its location. The revived Science Ninja Team greets Getz as the new G-2 and is ordered by Nambu to investigate some ruins on Easton Island. But Getz is a member of the enemy forces. The ruins are a trap and Gel Sadra is waiting there. The Science Ninja Team ends up in the ruins facing an enemy robot in the form of a statue representing a deity, equipped with laser rays. It shoots at anything that moves...  
The robot statue with its laser The team doesn't know what to do

Episode 2: The Mysterious Feather Shuriken

  .. and the team doesn't know what to do. But thanks to a bomb somebody installed in the robot statue it is destroyed, and the team sees Getz killed by a feather shuriken. They pursue a fleeing shadow which looks like Joe. But was it really Joe? Could he be alive? The shadow leads them to a secret Galactor base which uses the ruins of the shrine as camouflage. Galactor continues in its preparations to launch the missile. The Science Ninja Team wants to stop them and they get into their individual mechas.  
Getz is killed by a mysterious feather shuriken.. by whom?? A similarly mysterious shadows leads them to the Galactor base

The five of them start an all-out attack on the base. Because of the Ninja Team's attack, the Galactor operation ends in failure, but Ken's Eagle Sharp is wrapped in the explosion's flames and crashes in a forest. While losing consciousness, Ken faintly hears Joe's voice.

When Ken regains consciousness, a man is standing before him. It's the former Galactor physician, Doctor Raphael. He tells them of his childhood, revealing his hate for Galactor. Then Jinpei notices that Raphael's shadow is similar to Joe's. Dr. Raphael tells them that it was him who saved them from Galactor.

Ken seems to hear Joe's voice when he's losing consciousness in his crashed plane When Ken wakes up, he sees Dr. Raphael before him

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