Episode 19: The Trap in the Other Dimension

  Communication with police and military forces in the highland of Oshia keeps geting cut off. Joe has been behaving strangle as of late, and as Ryu follows him, he disappears in that same spot. Ryu leaves behind the words "spiral galaxy!?". The Science Ninja Team thinks that all this is the deed of Galactor and starts an investigation in the Oshia region immediately. There, Governor X's new weapon, Galamoeba, is hidden and waiting. The Science Ninja Team tries to resist with the God Phoenix, but they are hauled inside the enemy mecha.  
Ryu is attacked by Gyarameba Joe goes out in his car to rescue Ryu...
  There they are released into another dimension. The humans who disappeared were also in that other dimension. They had been brainwashed in order to become soldiers to build the solar shift plan. The Science Ninja Team is sentenced by Gel Sadra to vanish with the other dimension in twenty minutes. Ryu is floating around in this dimension and Joe rescues him with his car. Meanwhile the others plot a daring escape with the Firebird, attacking and breaking the wall of the dimension. But Galactor's scientific power keeps coming up with horrible inventions day after day.  
.. but gets in trouble on the way when he's hit by some flaming meteorites Ryu still wonders about Joe's strange behaviour

Episode 20: Crisis in G-Town

  Tojo island, in the country Rizoto, sinks into the sea because of mysterious movements in the Earth's crust. Jun has gone to investigate the small islands in the vicinity and goes into a cave on one island. There she falls into a trap of a Galactor spy disguised as a survivor. The spy then disguises herself as Jun and penetrates G-Town. In the engineering room she installs a cloaking device. G-Town is being led towards a Galactor trap on the bottom of the sea.  
Jun encounters the dying Bill Douglas in the cell Jun defeats the guards and gets away
  In reality, the spy is Eva, the daughter of Bill Douglas, who has developed the machinery of G-Town. She is being used by Galactor who told her the lie that her father was killed by the Science Ninja Team. Elsewhere, Jun has escaped from the enemy's prison. She attended the death of Bill Douglas there who was severely tortured. Jun goes back to G-Town and tells Eva what actually happened. Jun gives her a keepsake from her father. Eva, having learned the truth, saves G-Town and sacrifices herself by blowing up the Galactor base with rockets she carries.  
The Galactor spy is unmasked at G-Town Jun has arrived and tells Eva the truth

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