Episode 21: Broken Wings of Youth

  Ken goes to the luxurious residence of his old friend Karl III, with whom he had lost contact. Karl is the successor to the leadership of a group of 300 enterprises in the whole world and is now organizing a meeting of the former pupils of the flying school which he and Ken attended. But Ken's heart is heavy because he has a task to verify whether or not the rumour that Karl wants to build an empire and conquer the world is true. But the rumour is true as Ken finds out when he's searching the house, whereby Lisa catches him. Together they find a secret passageway and hear Karl speaking to his troops. Karl is also secretly collaborating with Galactor. He offered them the Mantle Power-up Plan in exchange for weapons.  
Ken goes to the meeting in a plane Ken questions Lisa
  Ken and Lisa are detected though. Karl tells Ken the truth and then wants to execute him and his fiance, Lisa (who also attended the flying school together with Ken and Karl). In that moment Gel Sadra appears before Karl and points a gun at him. He was also being used by Galactor. Lisa dies protecing Karl. After Lisa's death, Karl gets very angry at being used and runs towards Gel Sadra. He is consequently killed as well, but before dying he activates a self-destruct mechanism he installed beforehand. Ken has not been able to save the two and vents his anger on Gel Sadra who however slips away again however, just before the house blows up.  
Karl grieves over his shot fiancée Ken vents his anger on Gel Sadra

Episode 22: Mysterious Stonehenge

  People keep collapsing everwhere. 20,000 humans die of unknown causes. Since radioactivity has been detected at the same time, the Science Ninja Team starts searching for its source. While investigating, Jinpei and Ryu encounter three boys and go with them to the Negiris plateau. The boys love UFOs and wanted to try to establish a contact with the extraterrestrials. They say they caught some strange radio waves while doing so. Following its source, Jinpei, Ryu and the boys arrive at Stonehenge. At that moment, a solarshifter appears out of the Stonehenge stones and Jinpei and the boys are taken away. Ryu is left behind. He meets up with Ken and the others.  
Jinpei and Ryu are searching for the source of radioactivity Jinpei and Ryu meet three boys and have a look at their UFO photos, discovering Governor X
  They want to save Jinpei, but can't approach because of a strong barrier in form of a dome. Elsewhere, Jinpei has heard the whole secret of the base. He tricks Gel Sadra, taking advantage of her way of thinking, and escapes the holding cell, taking the solarshifter's programming chip with him. Then he has one of the boys bring the chip to Ken and the others and goes back to save the other two boys. The Galactor plan had been to unite the Mantle energy with space energy, but the experiment was what caused the cruel side effects. Its weak point is exactly at the top of the barrier dome. The God Phoenix penetrates there (after Jinpei managed to escape with the two boys) and destroys the Galactor base.  
Jinpei and the boys are caught by Galactor One of the boys brings the chip to Ken and the others

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