Episode 23: Love extinguished at the North Pole

  Big movements of the Earth's crust occur at the North Pole. Immediately thereafter, the adventurer Shimomura leaves Greenland on his way to the North Pole. He is reported missing on the third day of his voyage. By coincidence, he discovered a Galactor base and has been shot. When Ken learns that his teacher from school, Shimomura, is missing, he goes on a search mission to the North Pole together with the other members of the Science Ninja Team. However the God Phoenix cannot go all the way to the pole because of the influence of the magnetic field. During the search, Makku, Shimomura's beloved dog, has been discovered. He alone escaped the Galactor attack. Ken takes it with him and continues the search alone, not knowing that Shimomura is already dead.  
Shimomura wants to surrender, but is shot by Galactor The team find Makku, Shimomura's dog
  Makku leads Ken back to where Shimomura was shot. There, Ken also discovers the Galactor base. He tries to contact his teammates, but due to the magnetic field, he cannot get a connection. He then sneaks into the base and wants to destroy it, but Gel Sadra appears before him, cornering him with her troops. She then presses the launch button for missiles. In that moment, the rest of the Science Ninja Team appears. They have followed Ken, invaded the base and destroyed the launching mechanism. Together, they beat Galactor and blow up the base. On the outside, they find the dead body of Shimomura. Makku takes the body with him and disappears.  
Ken and Makku charge into the Galactor base The team watches Makku leave with Shimomura's body

Episode 24: G2 Under Suspicion

  Galactor releases test waves of the solarshifter. At the same time, in the city of Owari, accidents due to anomalities in the main computer keep happening, which provoke a panic. The Science Ninja Team goes to Owari in order to find out the reason for all this. But when they arrive in the city, Pimer and the New God Phoenix also cease to function properly. Galactor takes advantage of this opportunity and attacks with hang gliders. In order to return their attack, the Science Ninja Team leaves the God Phoenix, but Joe's condition is not good. Ryu returns to G-Town with the God Phoenix. Joe is not to be deterred though and starts his attack. However, the huge shield of electromagnetic waves around the solarshifter affect his cyborg body in a bad way.  
Joe is obviously not feeling well Galactor attacks with hang gliders
  He gets into a critical situation and becomes unconsious. He is saved and treated by Dr. Raphael, who revives him. Even though Dr. Raphael warns Joe about the electromagnetic field, Joe does not want to let down his friends. He then sneaks into the Galactor base alone. However, the field affects him again, leaving him helpless. He cannot completely enter the center of the base and shoots a rocket through a closing door, thus provoking a major explosion. The God Phoenix, which just returned to the city from G-Town, sees the explosion and finishes off the base. Then they rescue Joe out of the sea.  
Joe leaves despite Dr. Raphael's warnings. Joe is affected again by the electromagnetic field

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