Episode 25: The Sad Cyborg

  A spaceship from Earth is suddenly attacked by meteorites, and the Science Ninja Team hurries to the bottom of the sea, to the spot where the meteorites fell. But there, mysterious robots that arrived a bit earlier, are already collecting the meteorites. Is it Galactor...?? Joe follows the robots and corners them, but they are not Galactor. On the contrary, they greet him as "brother". They are cyborgs as well who have been made by Dr. Raphael. A cyborg who introduces himself as Ulf leads him to their colony. There he meets Ulf's comrades, who are equally friendly, as well as Dr. Raphael. Then he learns that they want to invite him to a strength experiment. Before Joe's eyes, many cyborgs die when they are tested under extremely hard conditions. Then Joe is called by Ken and has to return to G-Town. Elsewhere, Galactor has noticed the existence of Ulf and the others.  
Joe encounters Ulf Jun and Ryu during briefing
  Using the meteorite's guidance system, they let meteorites fall onto the colony and destroy it. Joe sees this on the monitors of G-Town and hurries to the colony, meeting a dying Ulf. Then he goes to Dr. Raphael. The strength experiments of Ulf and the others were intended to make Joe's body stronger. Joe tells Dr. Raphael "I did it so far, but I don't want to become a perfect cyborg! I want to live as a human being!". Dr. Raphael answers: "Then listen, Joe! Your body has to absorb the result of their blood and sweat, you have to become stronger because of them!" Since his cyborg comrades have become victims, Joe honours their will and submits himself to an operation which transforms and strengthens him. Joe can now resist very high temperatures and stand high pressure. He can even use the pressure and heat as his own energy. Thus strengthened, Joe saves Ken from a Galactor base where Ken got shot down, trying to destroy it with his G-1.  
Joe is made into an even stronger cyborg Joe rescues Ken

Episode 26: The Mysterious Secretary Pandora

  The Science Ninja Team departs to pick up Dr. Pandora, who is supposed to become Dr. Nambu's secretary. In order to remain inconspicuous, they put Dr. Pandora and her car in a truck and head towards G-Town. Suddenly, Dr. Pandora tells them to leave the road. Despite getting suspicous, the group leaves the road and heads into the desert. Because of this, a Galactor ambush has been unsuccessful, and they then start to attack with airborne troops. The truck is destroyed, but the team manages to escape after a fierce fight in Pandora's car, which has been equipped with weapons and has been made bulletproof. Finally, they reach G-Town.  
Pandora suddenly tells the team to leave the road... .. which Joe, who drives, does.
  Nambu takes Dr. Pandora with him and together they leave for Cape Long to investigate an incident at a factory for gaining Mantle energy. Joe is suspicious because of the smile Pandora left behind and because he learned that she's an expert in cyborg technology. Elsewhere, Governor X is impatient because of Gel Sadra's repeated failings and has prepared a weapon himself to terminate Dr. Nambu. It is a weapon into which Gel Sadra has to be in, then her superhuman brain waves are amplified and can be used as a weapon. After a few days, at G-Town, the message arrives that Nambu has been attacked and is badly hurt....  
With a lot of difficulty, they manage to escape Nambu is shot!

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