Episode 27: Dr. Nambu dies!

  The Science Ninja Team hurries to the hospital. When Dr. Pandora announces that she's giving the orders now, Joe tries to shoot her. Ken stops him. Because the person who shot Dr. Nambu is not known, Dr. Pandora then orders the team to investigate a certain spot from where specific brain waves are emanating. While the team is on its way there, they receive a message that Dr. Nambu has died. Joe still distrusts Dr. Pandora and returns to the hospital alone. The rest of the team wants to return too, but Ken tells them to obey Pandora's orders (and slaps Jun). They detect a Galactor base at their destination and sneak into it right away.  
Ken stops Joe from shooting Pandora Joe fights Gel Sadra with his own brain waves
  Galactor has amplified Gel Sadra's special brain waves and has created a monster which is about to attack Dr. Nambu. Pandora has foreseen that and has put Dr. Nambu in a state of suspended animation (by shooting him), thus resisting the monster's brain wave radar. Joe has punched Pandora, but when she tells him what was really going on, Joe resists Gel Sadra with his own brain waves. With the brain waves, he creates a figure of his own and defeats Gel Sadra - just before the team finds her in the Galactor base. Clarifying the whole affair, Pandora is no longer a suspect. But she finishes telling Ken and the others that Joe is a cyborg.  
Gel Sadra is defeated Pandora tells everything - including the Joe is a cyborg!

Episode 28: Love Stolen by a Feather Shuriken

  In the city, Joe is attacked by a female biker. She says "ask the feather shuriken, why this happened" and escapes. Later, upon Dr. Nambu's order, Joe moves out with his comrades to investigate the defeat of the secret tank forces of the international defense army. But in the middle of the investigation, the woman appears in front of Joe again. She is Mako, the fiancee of Hawkgetz, who was supposed to become G-2. Mako firmly believes that Joe killed Getz because Galactor has told her so. She misunderstood that Joe has killed an imposter posing as Getz. Galactor had actually killed Getz.  
Mako threatens Joe during an investigation Jun penetrates the base
  Joe tells Mako what really happened. He gives her a pendant that he got from the real Getz, just before his death, with instructions to hand it over to Mako. Then Joe leaves to bury the Galactor subordinate who used Mako as a means to assasinate him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team has taken care of the underground Galactor fortress. Jinpei was shot down, but not hurt. While searching for him, Jun has discovered an entrance to the base, gone in, and destroyed the base almost singlehandedly. After everything is over, Joe and Mako rejoin the rest of the team.  
Joe tells Mako how he found the real Getz dying Joe defeats the Galactor spy

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