Episode 29: Life or Death! The Evil North Wall (Script)

  Galactor has built a base on the mountain K3 which is located in the Himalayas. From there, a magma mega cannon shoots through the Earth and attacks cities all over the world. The only way to penetrate the base is through the North Wall, which is impossible to climb however, because it's 3,000 meters high and vertical. Suffering under the fact that he has a cyborg body, Joe is about to despair, and takes over this dangerous task when Nambu orders it. Ken is not happy about this, the Science Ninja Team has always been a team after all! That Joe is a cyborg and can handle things on his own is no reason to send him alone.  
Ken is not happy when he hears that Joe is supposed to carry out the mission alone Joe VERY rudely declines Jun's offer for help
  Joe however coldly refuses when Ken and the others offer to accompany him. Jun follows Joe and he finally accepts her company. But because of Jun's carelessness, Galactor notices them and the two of them are swallowed by an artificial avalanche. Additionally, they can't move because of the cold. They are surrounded by the enemy, and don't know what to do anymore. Ken, Jinpei and Ryu run to their aid. Through the actions of Ken and the others, the magma mega cannon is destroyed. With the warm friendship of his comrades, Joe has been freed from his pain.  
Jun is freezing and Joe tries to save her Ken shoots the magma canon, causing it to explode

Episode 30: Ryu Has Returned to His Hometown

  Because his father is hurt, Ryu gets into the Horned Tank and goes back to his native fishing-village. However, in the sea around the village, Galactor plans to destroy a gas chamber and let the land sink into the sea. When Gel Sadra sees the G-5 heading towards the village, she thinks that the Science Ninja Team got wind of her plan. Ryu has indeed noticed some strange bubbles and Nambu tells him that he will send the God Phoenix to investigate. Gel Sadra charges two assasins with infiltrating the village and aiming at Ryu. Opposing the attacking Galactor, Ryu pretends to be weak and gets out of the difficult situation because the assasins start to doubt whether he really is a member of the Science Ninja Team.  
Ryu goes to visit his family The gas chambers, caves beneath the ocean's floor
  However, shortly thereafter, his father and younger brother are abducted by Galactor. Ryu follows them and finds out that a petroleum tanker at sea is actually the Galactor base. In order to save his family, Ryu sneaks into the base. But when they are used as shields, Ryu gets into a difficult situation again. When his father refuses to serve as bait, Ryu gets tears in his eyes. But before Gel Sadra can force Ryu to reveal himself, the Science Ninja Team's submarine breaks into the base. Ken and the others have detected the gas chambers, and thereafter the base, and come charging in. With their help, Ryu is able to save his family. But they know now that he's a member of the Science Ninja Team.  
Ryu is beaten up by the Galactor spies Ryu saves his family

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