Episode 31: The Eagle is Shot Down

  In G-Town, the G-1 has been altered in order to reduce its mach resistance and enter the atmosphere more smoothly. Ken boards the G-1 immediately and goes out on a test flight. But he enjoys the flight so much that he doesn't pay enough attention and is shot down when he accidentally gets near a secret Galactor base. Ken somehow manages to make a forced landing, but his bracelet is damaged and he can neither establish a connection nor transform. Furthermore, he is also hurt. Fortunately, a native boy, Peter, saves him.  
Peter sees the G-1 about to crash Ken attaches a transmitter to the carrier pigeon
  Peter and his older sister tend to Ken's wounds and hide him in an old barn. Ken attaches a transmitter to a carrier pigeon he finds there and lets it fly into the sky. Elsewhere, Peter and his older sister are captured by Galactor members and end up tied to a tree. Joe and the others have caught Ken's radio signal and come in a hurry. They save Peter and his sister just in time. After being reunited with his comrades, Ken attacks the secret base in the valley with the God Phoenix. Consequently, the base is destroyed. Gel Sadra flees, leaving her subordinates behind.  
Peter and his sister are saved by the rest of the team Ken and the team are reunited

Episode 32: G1 - Love in the Andes

  The information arrives that there's a secret Galactor base in the Andes. Ken and Ryu go to the Andes in disguise in order to contact the intelligence member Yupanki. However, Galactor makes them drink some medicin, whereupon they lose their memory, forgetting their task and their names. The wandering Ken meets a dying man who says he has been hired by another man named Yupanki. The man entrusts him with a silver coin, as Yupanki told him to do. Without remembering Yupanki's name, Ken follows the man's last will and gives the coin to the man's daughter Kena.  
Ryu and Ken celebrate with some village people, drinking the poisoned water Ken finds the dead Yupanki and a dying man
  As it is, Ken decides to settle in that Indian village, living together with Kena, and falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Joe and the others discover Ryu who also lost his memory, and find out what antidote would help. Ken is at the same time fortunately stung by an Inca-Scorpion. Its poison is the aforementioned antidote and it negates the effect of the medicin. Ken regains his memory. Then, based on the sketch glued to the silver coin, they detect the enemy base hidden in some ruins and destroy it. But for Ken, it's a sad good-bye from Kena.  
Kena and Ken fall in love Joe, Jun and Jinpei find the unconscious Ryu

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