Episode 33: Angry G-1 (Script)

  A big earthquake suddenly happens in New Joke. But the inhabitants are not the only ones who are shocked - so is Gel Sadra. She never gave this order! This operation has been undertaken by the Galactor commander Panther. He convinces Gel Sadra to participate in the operation, thus showing Governor X her strength. The Science Ninja Team goes to investigate and detects a missile base in a huge underground, public hall. Galactor has shot a missile into a gas chamber and thus created the earthquake. At that moment, the missile that Joe, Jun and Ryu discovered is launched, causing another earthquake.  
Pandora and Nambu explain the situation Joe, Jun and Ryu discover the missile base
  It also causes the hall to collapse and Joe, Jun and Jinpei are locked in. Under Nambu's order, Ken and Jinpei leave for Rodo Island to stop the guidance waves of the missiles, even if they don't like leaving their comrades behind. But the attacked Galactor base rises into the sky! The base is the huge mecha Mechasatan. Ken invades the mecha from its lower part, where the ray mounted at top of the mecha can't protect it. At the end of a fight for life or death with Panther, Ken succeeds in destroying the transmitter that is sending the guidance waves by throwing Panther into the mechanism. Gel Sadra throws herself at Governor X's feet.  
Ken gets caught in the earthquake too Ken fights Panther

Episode 34: The Evil Mecha from the Amazon

  In a Galactor base at a upper course of the Amazon, a new weapon using Hypertonium is produced. The base is protected by the mechanical plants which surround it and push back any invader. Jinpei is investigating the area around the river when somebody attacks him and shoots him down. He is saved from the piranhas in the river by some local children. The team rejoins him and brings back the Helicopter and the bracelet Jinpei lost during his escape. Jinpei is ordered to remain on standby while the team searches the Amazonas. However, Jinpei somehow ends up in the difficult situation of going with the children into the interior of the Amazonas in order to pick up a legendary, blooming blue orchid.  
Jinpei escapes from the Piranhas Ken lectures Jinpei about losing the bracelet
  They detect Galactor troops, secretly follow them, and discover a Hypertonium transport vessel. However, Jinpei and the children are discovered and captured. But Ken and the others have fought their way through the mechanical jungle, hurry to their rescue and save them in the nick of time, before Gel Sadra can let them fall into the Piranhas in the river. The huge mecha Kuskard then starts to move. It attacks the New God Phoenix and causes it to crash. But because the Hypertonium is unstable, Kuskard self-destructs in the end.  
Jun and Joe fight the mechanical plants Jinpei and the boys are captured by Galactor

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