Episode 35: Berg Katse's Inheritance

  Joe saves the son of Kaiser from an approaching car and becomes his friend. Together they play soccer while Kaiser draws Joe. But Kaiser is a former Galactor member and the only one who can handle a weapon Berg Katse has left behind. It's a weapon called Mechavolton which was built to destroy the greatest obstacle for Galactor's highflying ambitions, the Firebird. Kaiser, a.k.a. No. A-7, was thought to have died in the battle of Cross Karakorum and has led a peaceful life since then. But when Galactor threatens to kill his wife and son, he works together with them again. As a diversion, the Iron Bat attacks a city.  
Joe looks at the picture Kaiser drew The Snack J with Joe's picture on the wall
  The God Phoenix goes out to attack the Bat, but is wrapped in ice through a freezer gas. With the help of the Firebird they escape from the predicament for a short while and destroy the Iron Bat, but when Kaiser fires the Mechavolton, they are finally shot down. The Science Ninja Team escapes by a hair's breadth and invades the enemy base. But Kaiser blocks their way. Joe however defeats him in battle, but does not kill him. Kaiser activates the self-destruct mechanism. Joe punches him and carries him outside the base. "Why did you help me? Women and children were.. " "I also used to be a son of Galactor" answers Joe.  
Everything is freezing in the God Phoenix Kaiser is saved

Episode 36: The Sad Underground City

  In an underground ISO city in Siberia that uses mantel energy, a huge explosion takes place which results in a high level of radioactivity. Causing this has been Megatonra, a monster which has been brought from space by Governor X and which grows by absorbing radioactivity. Megatonra has been put under the Earth by Gel Sadra where it has been eating radioactive waste and has grown considerably. Then it has started to destroy the underground city. Dr. Horin is the husband of Mary, the architect of the city, that died in an accident.  
Ken on his way to the underground city Going into the city with Dr. Horin (to the left)
  Ken goes with him to investigate the underground city. But Mark, the son of Dr. Horin, has secretly snuck in the expedition car. Mark hates the underground city because it took away his mother and he intends to destroy it. The monster appears and destroys the Mark Park, which Mary left behind for her son. When Mark sees this, he flies away in the expedition car in order to protect the underground city constructed by his mother. The monster then perishes in the combined attack of Mark and the God Phoenix which hurried to their side.  
Mark tries to shoot the monster, but.. .. is thrown away by it, leaving him stunned. Ken gets him to shoot again

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