Episode 37: Burn, Iron Wings!

  Jinpei has left to bring a detector to a secret ISO research institute in the Rakki mountain chain. When he is almost there, an earthquake hits. Jinpei sees a young orphaned puma and does not bring the detector to the institute. However, that institute is destroyed by the unusual earthquake. After Jinpei returns, he gets rebuked by Joe and Ken because he took care of the puma. Then it becomes known that there was poisonous Sarin gas in the research institute which now threatens to leak out. Joe and Ryu go to investigate, while Ken and the others are supposed to follow with a neutralizer. But another earthquake occurs and the two men are imprisoned below the research institute.  
The puma shows itself at G-Town The team is not happy about Jinpei's newest pet
  Jinpei has heard the news, and leaving Ken and the others, goes alone again to the Rakki mountain chain. Not relenting, he returns the puma to nature. Jinpei arrives at the ruins of the research institute, kicks out Galactor who wanted to build a base there, and then continues to save Joe and Ryu. On their way out of the institute though, the Horned Tank Jinpei uses turns over, and Sarin gas enters. Gel Sadra escapes and laughs at their accident. But the God Phoenix arrives, and the poisonous gas which has started to leak out is rendered harmless by the neutralizer brought by the Phoenix. When Jun tells Jinpei "Well done", he answers "Jun...". Hasn't Jinpei always said "older sister"? Joe also notices that Jinpei has grown up.  
Ken and the others have to wait for the neutralizer to be ready Sarin gas enters into the overturned Horned Tank

Episode 38: The Electromagnetic Mecha Iron Devil Dragon

  Dragon Island, where once upon a time a dragon was supposed to have shown itself. Again an informant disappears who has been visiting and investigating this island. Is something there? Nambu thinks so, and according to his orders, the Science Ninja Team is mobilized. Before them appears the Iron Devil Dragon from Galactor. The God Phoenix is hit by an electromagnetic light ray and it's electrical systems are jammed. They are forced to return home for the moment. Concluding that it's impossible to attack head-on, Joe sneaks alone into Dragon Island. Pandora drives him there.  
Joe goes off by himself to Dragon Island Dr. Pandora drives him to the island
  Inside the Galactor base, Joe discovers a huge beam cannon pointing at the sun. In the meantime, Dr. Pandora has snuck into the base on her own and has been captured. Joe sees her when she is brought before Gel Sadra, who is in the dragon. When meeting her, Gel Sadra says "You! It's as if I have met you before...". The dragon takes off, but Joe is already on board, after having set the base to blow. Joe rescues Dr. Pandora and together they destroy the generator for the electromagnetic waves. The Dragon can't use its electromagnetic waves now and the God Phoenix destroys it with its missiles.  
Dr. Pandora is caught in the base Joe has saved Dr. Pandora and escapes from the dragon with her

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