Episode 39: The Purple Condor

  Nuclear experiments have taken place in the Straits of Gibraltar. The experiments are for the development of a new energy by Galactor. Nambu sends the Science Ninja Team to that spot. But, the God Phoenix is caught in another nuclear explosion and disappears. Joe had previously left by himself in the G-2 to investigate, and the shock of the explosion causes him to lose energy. He sneaks into territory under Galactor control. Gel Sadra puts a reward on his head and does everything within her power to find Joe. A gypsy, Chinita, who has experienced Galactor's cruelty before, shelters Joe so he can overcome the difficult situation.  
Joe hides from the Galactor soldiers Chinita finds Joe in the wardrobe
  Chinita's lover is jealous and threatens Joe. In an attempt to kill Joe, he hurts Chinita. Joe takes care of her. However, the lover alerts Galactor and Chinita is caught. Based on a clue left by Chinita, Joe finds the Galactor base. Elsewhere, in the sea near North Africa, G-Town has come to collect the sunken God Phoenix. Ken and the others are rescued and are treated for their injuries. Soon, through a message from Joe, the rest of the team finds the base and arrives just in time to get Joe out of a trap. They put a stop to Gel Sadra's ambitions, but they can't rescue Chinita because Gel Sadra blows up the base.  
Joe takes care of the hurt Chinita The base blows and Joe can't reach Chinita

Episode 40: Fight hard! The Devilish Animal Operation

  Dr. Pandora conducts an experiment for a machine which enables humans to communicate with animals. The Science Ninja Team spends some peaceful time at a national park with animals and children, at least until Galactor attacks. While they are protecting the children participating in this experiment, Joe gets a message from Dr. Raphael that Governor X is in the Kongal Plateau in Agrica and has begun his ultimate plan. Joe decides to leave on his own to investigate, but he is captured. In a base below the Kongal Plateau, a main beam cannon for the Solarshifter plan has been constructed. Besides, Jun and Jinpei are captured as well while looking for Joe, and are led away by the enemy.  
The team watches the experiment Joe is contacted by Dr. Raphael
  When the animals report to Dr. Pandora that there has been human bloodthirst found in an area in the middle of their homeland, where no humans are allowed, she and the animals rush there. A huge elephant herd crashed into the base. Joe and the others corner Gel Sadra and approach Governor X. Gel Sadra gets beside herself and Governor X tells her to activate the switch of the main beam cannon. The cannon starts to blink and explodes. "Take me with you please, Governor..!!" says Gel Sadra and her figure dissolves in the middle of a bright light. Without a chance against Governor X's mysterious power, the team has to let him escape. Ken says to an angry Joe: "How many times do I have to tell you that I don't allow you acting all alone!", "Sorry.." answers Joe, but he murmurs to himself "I am the one to vanquish Governor X. There's no reason that you, my friends, sacrifice yourself for it".  
Joe, Jun and Jinpei are captured by Galactor The team and the animals corner Gel Sadra

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