Episode 41: Gatchaman Against Gel Sadra

  Gel Sadra builts a beam cannon in a secret base. Governor X sends the main component by subterranean rocket from his headquarters to Gel Sadra's base. But the rocket goes out of control when it collides with a crack in the Earth's crust and heads the surface... Gel Sadra is about to collect the main component and destroy the rocket in order to maintain the secret, but through an accident with the explosives, she is left all alone. Elsewhere, the Science Ninja Team has noticed the rocket through a satellite, and hurries towards the spot of the accident. The Science Ninja Team investigates the surroundings.  
Ken's bracelet doesn't work when he finds Gel Sadra Gel Sadra uses nature to beat Ken
  Ken follows some mysterious footprints and unexpectedly runs into Gel Sadra. The transmitter is not working and Ken is forced to act alone. A fight ensues between Ken and Gel Sadra, where both depend only on their bare hands. Ken follows the fleeing Gel Sadra and, as a consequence, finally arrives at the enemy base. However, he is surrounded by the enemy. The other team members hurry there. They destroy the secret factory with the tornado fighter. While returning, Jinpei accidentally collects the main component that Gel Sadra possessed before. The day when the riddle of the main beam cannons will be solved is not far away anymore.  
The tornado fighter is about to start Jinpei finds the main component

Episode 42: The Observatory Moving in the Darkness

  Richman the Second gets the international scientific peace prize for the development of a solar telescope. Dr. Pandora has come to the inauguration party as Dr. Nambu's companion. She feels a strange sensation from Richman (Gel Sadra), like she has never experienced before. Dr. Pandora is suspicious and sneaks into Richman's heavily guarded observatory in the middle of the night. By coincidence, she also finds a Galactor base with a main beam cannon. She takes pictures of top secret documents with a miniature camera and relates to Nambu that the observatory is a dummy. However, she ends up getting caught there.  
Dr. Pandora takes pictures of documents Ken flees with Dr. Pandora
  Richman points his gun at Dr. Pandora, but he is attacked by a strange painful feeling and hesitates. In reality, Richman is Gel Sadra. Ken and the others rescue Dr. Pandora and get into the God Phoenix, but then Mechaflasher of Galactor comes charging in. The Science Ninja Team, with Dr. Pandora on board, dares to go to the Firebird and is victorious. Mechaflasher is destroyed and as a consequence, the base also collapses. From the analysis of the microfilm, it is found that Galactor is planning to use the sun. But it is still a mystery why Dr. Pandora feels this strange sensation when she sees Gel Sadra.  
The team protects Dr. Pandora for the Firebird Dr. Pandora is saved and is told the result of her pictures

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