Episode 43: Invaders from Mars

  While investigating Mars, an Earth satellite is blown up, and a second space base on Solkila Island is destroyed as well. But the culprit is not Gel Sadra. She faces the fact the Governor X praised the destruction of the first base as a hint. She assures that she can do this as well and goes out to do so. When a third space base is about to be annihilated, the Science Ninja Team goes out to help. But the New God Phoenix has to make an emergency landing because it's attacked by a mysterious UFO. The base is destroyed and Gel Sadra arrives too late to do it herself. The Science Ninja Team goes to protect the fourth space base which is working on launching a unmanned exploration probe to Mars.  
Ryu and Jinpei see the third base getting destroyed The New God Phoenix is under attack by the UFO
  Just after the launch, the UFO attacks again. The probe is destroyed. What is there on Mars?! Without pausing, the UFO goes on to attack the fourth space base. The G-Mechas fight back and through their intervention, the UFO disappears somewhere. The owner of the UFO is Marstora. He is a subordinate of Governor X and has been building the solarshifter bases on Mars so far. Gel Sadra reports to Governor X that a strong opponent has emerged. He answers that it's actually his subordinate Marstora, who has been ordered to destroy Earth's Mars bases and build Galactor's base on Mars. What are the true aims of Governor X, who has reached space wide dimensions now?  
The team fights the UFO with the G-Mechas Marstora and Gel Sadra meet for the first time

Episode 44: Strike! Evil Mars Base

  Unusal weather conditions are occurring because of natural disasters on the sun. Dr. Nambu suspects that this is a test of Galactor's solarshifter plan. In fact, it's only the first test stage of that plan. The solarshifter plan is a terrible operation which looks to use the solarshifter bases on the Mars, Venus and Earth to move the sun. When the main beam cannon on Venus and Earth are completed, it will become horrible. The Science Ninja Team moves out to attack from two sides, on Earth and on Mars. Ken goes in the Orbiter G towards Mars, while the other team members investigate the Brajila zone.  
Nambu explains the Solarshifter Plan to the team Joe wishes Ken luck
  But the mission on Earth ends in failure. The fate of the Earth remains on the shoulders of Eagle Ken. When Ken arrives on Mars, Marstora starts a counterattack. During the fight, Ken discovers the enemy base and attacks it with a missile, to no avail though. Is there another possibility to strike?! Suddenly Ken has an idea and separates a part of the Orbiter G and launches it at the base. The base is destroyed and Earth is saved. But Ken loses control of the orbiter and becomes shipwrecked in space. And the unusual weather on Earth continues.  
Ken is ready to depart in the orbiter Nambu and Pandora can't contact Ken anymore!

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