Episode 45: The Devilish Solarshifter Plan

  Through Ken's death defying attack, the Mars base has been destroyed. But Governor X does not want to give up on the Solarshifter plan and orders Marstora to repair the base within three days. "In three days, Mars, Venus and Earth will become a triangle and fire at the same time. The base on Earth is already completed!" Elsewhere, Ken's orbiter only has oxygen enough left for two days. Without Dr. Nambu's permission, Joe gets into a rescue rocket in order to save Eagle Ken, who is drifting in space. Even when the radio signal from Ken stops, Joe continues searching and finally discovers the Orbiter G.  
The team waits for news regarding Ken's rescue Joe is about to use the night sight device
  But at that moment, Joe becomes blinded since he used a night sight device with infrared rays. And around this time, the main beam cannon on Earth fires at the sun and raises its temperature. The world turns into a red hot environment. Jun and the others have discovered the headquarters of the main beam cannon in Brajila, but they fail in their attack with the New God Phoenix. Ken has been informed about the position of the cannon and after putting a protesting Joe in the escape pod and jumping out himself, he lets the rescue rocket collide with the base. The main beam cannon explodes. The Science Ninja Team has also temporarily halted the Galactor plan.  
Ken and Joe return to Earth together Ken escapes from the rocket before it crashes into the solarshifter base

Episode 46: Gatchaman unmasked

  The ISO and the UN have developed a special radar to search for the main beam cannon. But Galactor learns about this, and during one of their attacks, Chief Anderson is badly hurt. Gel Sadra wants to reveal the true face of Gatchaman. Since she doesn't know what he looks like, she starts attacking one employee of the ISO after the other. Ken feels sorry about all the victims. Meanwhile Sam, the grandson of Chief Anderson, is captured. In order to avenge his grandfather, he pretends to be Gatchaman and is tortured mercilessy.  
Ken meets Sam Sam is captured by Galactor
  Ken has secretly snuck into the base as a Galactor member. However, Gel Sadra notices the unknown trooper and has him unmasked, thus revealing his true identity. Ken goes into bird style, rescues Sam and charges at Gel Sadra. She flees, leaving behind the menacing words "Stupid Gatchaman! I have now seen your true face, the next time I will win for sure!" The enemy base becomes the Mecha Sentango and starts creating havoc. The two men escape from the ammunition depot and are picked up by the New God Phoenix. Through an attack by the Eagle Sharp, Sentango explodes. But the enemy now knows that Ken is a member of the Science Ninja Team. Will there be a tomorrow for him?  
Ken has snuck into the enemy base in disguise, but is unmasked Joe and Sam watch Ken shoot down the mecha in the Eagle Sharp

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