Episode 47: Kill for Sure! The Two Firebirds

  Because of the Solarshifter plan and the consequently unusal weather, icebergs break out one after the other at the North Pole. In order to stop a huge iceberg, G-Town goes to Sanbur City in the country Aberika. When Dr. Pandora goes out for a meeting, the Galactor ninja group Galakon sneaks into G-Town instead of her. Through the actions of the Ninja Team, the enemy is completely defeated, but the propulsion system is destroyed and G-Town goes out of control. It falls into a deep sea trench and above it, a huge iceberg starts to cover the trench, making it impossible to exit G-Town.  
Ken and Joe decide to act against the invading Galakon The team defeats Galakon
  It's Gel Sadra's Seafang plan. The communication network is also destroyed, and the only hope is Dr. Pandora. She gets into the old God Phoenix which is located at Nambu's villa. Straining her untrained body, she melts the iceberg with the Firebird. But Gel Sadra attacks and Pandora gets into a critical situation! Saving her is the Firebird of the New God Phoenix, which was now able to exit G-Town. Then, in the dark blue sky, the two firebirds, the old one and the new one, beat their wings.  
Dr. Pandora is contacted for help The two firebirds finish off Gel Sadra's mecha

Episode 48: The Biggest Tidal Wave in History

  One disaster after the other occurs all over the Earth. In order to help and to understand the situation, the ISO travels from one location to the other. But that center for peace is finally occupied by Galactor as well. Gel Sadra addresses the whole world and publicly declares world supremacy. Gel Sadra then interrogates Dr. Nambu in the data chamber, in order to learn the location of the special radar which was developed to find the main beam cannon. But they are completely surprised by the onslaught of the tidal wave.  
Dr. Pandora senses Gel Sadra coming The team penetrates into the ISO building
  Dr. Pandora takes advantage of this and points her gun at Gel Sadra right away. Just then the two of them experience this strange feeling again. The enemy leaves the data chamber. Nambu goes to the airtight project chamber in order to take the special radar with him. Elsewhere, Gel Sadra uses that strange feeling and goes in search of the radar, finally discovering it. Just when she is about to take possession of the radar, the Science Ninja Team arives. They barely manage to defend the radar, but the center of peace, the ISO building, finishes collapsing.  
The team arrives in the nick of time to help The ISO building is swallowed by the tidal wave

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