Episode 49: Burn, Condor!

  The persons Governor X fears most are G-2, Condor Joe, and Dr. Raphael. Before his plan can be realized, those two have to be eliminated. Galactor choses Joe before his transformation as a target. Joe pushes back the persistent attack of the Galakon team, but he loses his bracelet in the end. The Science Ninja Team goes looking for Joe. Joe has lost energy and charters a plane to go to the Island Ebiza where he can charge up, but Galactor has made the charterer attach a transmitter to the plane. They follow Joe and are already waiting when he gets there. Joe manages to defeat them, but the research institute is destroyed. Joe cannot charge up anymore!  
Joe is left exhausted after the fight Galactor is waiting when Joe arrives
  The wounded and energy-lacking Joe searches for Dr. Raphael who was not in the institute. Has Dr. Raphael at long last found out Governor X's secret?! But he is attacked by the enemy and is hurt. He contacts the Science Ninja Team and they comes rushing to help him. Just after Ken meets him, one of the enemy's shots goes into Raphael's heart! Before dying, he leaves behind the mysterious words "In the meteorite mountain... Only Joe can defeat Governor X...". Joe wants to beat up his killer, but Ken punches him and stops him. What is the secret Joe is keeping?  
The team arrives to help Dr. Raphael Ken finds Dr. Raphael and the tape which is supposed to contain X's secret

Episode 50: Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra's Mother

  Since she has no childhood memories, Gel Sadra wonders about her own past and goes to ask Govenor X. He answers "This goes without saying. You have been grown in a growth machine in an instant. That's why you don't have a childhood.You have been aboard a luxury ship with your mother, who surely died when the ship was sunk. No, even if she were alive, she wouldn't believe that you were her daughter. For her, you are the conqueror of Earth. Don't think those useless thoughts!" However, Gel Sadra goes looking through the passenger list of that ship, searching her mother's name and soon learns the shocking truth. She is Pandora's daughter..!! X uses this fact and invites Pandora to the base. He had promised to Gel Sadra that, if Pandora joined Galactor, she could be reunited with her mother.  
Gel Sadra finds out that Pandora is her mother Gel Sadra and Pandora meet!
  At the same time, the Science Ninja Team discovers that base as well. Mother and daughter accomplish a moving reunion. Pandora lapses into mourning after learning the truth. She thinks that the deeds of her daughter are not for the conquest of Earth, but for Earth's destruction. She rebukes her daughter, saying that her true daughter would never join Galactor. Governor X interrupts. The Science Ninja team has snuck in. While fighting the team, Gel Sadra is worried about the well-being of her mother and goes back, shouting "Mother!". The team is astonished. However, Gel Sadra learns that Governor X has put Pandora in a rocket, has launched it, letting it self-destruct high up in the sky. For the first time, Gel Sadra doubts Governor X. Human emotions like anger and grief dwell in her heart again.  
Ken wants to know where Pandora is Gel Sadra experiences the explosion of the rocket

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