Episode 51: Sad Gel Sadra

  Gel Sadra views pictures of her family and cries. Elsewhere, the team is sad about the loss of Dr. Pandora. And Joe's energy is diminishing. Because Dr. Nambu knows techniques to replenish energy, he examines Joe's body and discovers a bomb built into him, which is supposed to destroy Governor X. This is the reason why Dr. Raphael said that only Joe can defeat Governor X. The Science Ninja Team moves out, leaving Joe behind, even if he doesn't like it. Elsewhere, Joe secretly leaves G-Town and goes to the enemy base alone. But he crashes on the way there because he runs out of energy. Dr. Nambu contacts the team and tells them about the bomb in Joe's body.  
Joe is examined by Dr. Nambu Joe doesn't like being left behind by Ken
  The Science Ninja Team discovers the main beam cannon, but is forced into a hard fight with the defense mecha. At that time, Gel Sadra learns the true aim of the Solarshifter Plan and becomes crazy. Meanwhile, the main beam cannon has been prepared to fire.The energy of the beam cannons, at their different locations is focused and concentrated at the main beam cannon. Countdown 2..1..0.. But it doesn't fire? Governor X is baffled. The reason is that Gel Sadra has destroyed the mechanism. Gel Sadra escapes. The Science Ninja Team has destroyed the enemy mecha and follows her.  
The team learns about the bomb in Joe's body Gel Sadra prevents the firing of the cannon by pulling out the cables

Episode 52: The Downfall of Governor X

  The Solarshifter plan is progressing very well in its Solar System-wide scale, and unusal phenomena keep ocurring everywhere. Gel Sadra is being pursued and wounded by Galactor. Her ship crashes, but Ken finds her. Joe joins them, and then punches Ken out. Joe has recharged his energy at a power plant and is prepared to die. He goes along with Gel Sadra towards the headquarters of Governor X and confronts him. Meanwhile, Ken has found some spots of blood on the snow. Reunited with the rest of the Science Ninja Team, they sneak into the enemy's land. Ken leaves Jun and the others to fight against Galactor, while he hurries towards the location of Governor X. There, he finds Joe and Gel Sadra, both collapsed. The three of them approach Governor X, but there's no way to go past the overwhelming power. Gel Sadra tells Gatchaman that Governor X's weak point is the destruction of his central mechanism, and she opens the hatch leading there. She is then hit again.  
Joe charges up in a power plant Joe confronts Governor X

Joe and Ken's death-defying attack finishes off the fight and Governor X and the base finally end in a big explosion. Was it Joe that caused it? Is he still alive? Ken's Bird Saucer had stopped X's functions in one hit, and Joe is still there.

Gel Sadra is hurt and weakened. When she cries at the Earth's beauty, she hears a voice from the sky. Gel Sadra dies and goes to her deceased mother. Her body shrinks and gradually takes on the form of Dr. Pandora's daughter, Sammy. Through the sacrifice of mother and daughter, the Earth has been saved.

But, has Governor X really been destroyed? No one notices the terrible, red glowing thing in the middle of the debris of the exploded mecha.

Gel Sadra shows Ken Governor X's weak spot Gel Sadra, or rather Sammy, goes off with her mother

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