Episode 5: The Big Attack of the Mysterious Cavemen

  In the underdeveloped jungle country Fruginia, a village is destroyed by cavemen. Soon after, Neanderthal cavemen attack the country of Amehon, which is 200 kilometers away. They are immigrants from Fruginia who have been transformed by Galactor with the help of a special liquid. Among them is Toro, the father of young Shiro, whom Ken and the others met earlier by coincidence. Galactor plans to transform the all of humankind into cavemen, and, wants to pour chemicals into the water reservoirs to achieve this.  
The team is out for a joy ride when... they run into Shiro, his father Toro and his mother
  However, the Science Ninja Team stops them. Galactor then releases a demonic energy which makes the cavemen violent and dangerous. They start to destroy the city. The mecha controlling the energy shoots down the God Phoenix. The team gets into the city, but can't confront the cavemen because they're humans. But when Toro is coincidentally reunited with his son and refuses to destroy things, the demonic energy flows backwards into the mecha. The enemy mecha starts moving by itself and ends up exploding. Consequently, the love of the united father and son has smashed the Galactor plans.  
Ken, in his Eagle Sharp, shoots down one of the planes Galactor uses to pour the chemicals into the water The caveman Toro can't bring himself to kill his own son, despite Galactor's energy waves

Episode 6: The Shocking Pyramid Power

  South of the Road Island, accidents involving ships and airplanes keep happening. There are no clear messages and the cause of the accidents is unknown. The Science Ninja Team suspects that the experimental city in the middle of that island, Egypt, has something to do with it. The city has been built in order to collect the pyramid power, which is impossible to control when rising. Jinpei goes to Egypt alone to investigate. There he meets Yukari, the daughter of Dr. Sugata, the leader of the development of the pyramid system and the city. However, Sugata has asked Galactor to help him in the construction of Egypt, despite knowing they are evil.  
Jinpei meets Yukari The team goes to the city of Egypt
  Soon after completion of the system, a huge pyramid shows up that had earlier been hidden in the volcano of the island. It sucks the energy out of the smaller pyramids. Then, the city is destroyed together with all the employees and the VIPs visiting the city for the inauguration of the system. Dr. Sugata's daughter is there too and is almost killed.When seeing this, Sugata asks Gel Sadra for help. When she refuses, he notices for the first time that he may have made a mistake. Following his suggestion, the Science Ninja Team uses the Firebird Shadow Separation, creating multiple firebirds and aligning them into a huge pyramid larger than the one from the enemy. They succeed in destroying the enemy pyramid this way.  
The Firebird Shadow Separation does the trick It's over, and Sugata goes looking for his daughter

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