Episode 7: The Terrible Mutant Operation (Script)

  Sosai X's voice resounds: "Did you see that, Gel Sadra? This is the space plant Redda which I manufactured". Through Governor X's mysterious extraterrestrial science, the artifical space plant Redda is born. By coincidence, a boy named Harry finds one seed which has been blown away, and takes it back home. Sprouting, Redda grows very quickly and attacks Jinpei, who has come to visit Harry. But suddenly, Redda withers when it is eaten at by huge swallow-tails caterpillars. Soon, the seed is spread out by Galactor in the city of Newshington.  
Jinpei and Harry are attacked by Redda.. .. however it gets eaten by the caterpillars
  The city is converted into a jungle. But since Reddy is neither hurt by fire nor by blades, Jinpei proposes using its natural enemy, the swallow-tail caterpillars. The caterpillars are collected immediately and spread out in the city. Through this measure, Redda suffers a total defeat due to this measure. The Science Ninja Team also destroys the Galactor base which was still under construction. However, after eating Redda, the swallow-tails grow very quickly and soon end their short lifespan.  
The team doesn't believe Jinpei's story at first... ..but they use his plan in the end to free Newshington. They then attack the Galactor base with their individual mechas.

Episode 8: The Firebird of the Moon

  A dark Galactor satellite keeps stealing space satellites and destroying them. It can absorb radiowaves, infrared waves and light, thus it is able to evade any radar. First a satellite investigating Mars disappears, then a communication satellite, then a space ferry and finally a weather observation satellite. Galactor wants to have the hindering Earth satellites out of the way so they can attack the sun with a long range beam cannon from their base on the back side of the moon. Jun and Jinpei board an observation satellite on Nambu's orders to find out who really is behind all this.  
Jun has to leaave Jinpei behind when fleeing from the satellite The God Phoenix is equipped for space flight.
  However, the satellite is attacked, and Jinpei ends up falling into the enemy's hand. Additionally, a satellite to detect new raw material resources is attacked and the Saturn Rubin is stolen. It is said to let the power of the beam cannon increase. Joe uses the small space ship, Swanboat and gets into the dark fortress through the garbage disposal opening. He fails at the first try however, since the Swanboat was defective, and only suceeds when trying again. He detects the enemy base on the moon. The Science Ninja Team sneaks into that base, following the dark fortress. Joe saves Jinpei who had become a hostage. Afterwards, they blow up the base. The dark fortress escapes for a time, but they smash it with the Firebird.  
Joe goes to infiltrate the dark fortress. The Firebird flies through the dark fortress and it explodes

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