Episode 9: The Downfall of Berg Katse

  Gel Sadra plans to destroy the Science Ninja Team with the Supermissile "Sea Tiger", from which it is supposedly impossible to escape, even if detected. However, Governor X loses his patience because of the many previous failures and wants to rebuke Gel Sadra for her arrogance. "Don't you think you take the Science Ninja Team too lightly? Berg Katse has fallen because of this as well". Gel Sadra answers: "No, that may seem so because I always have the self-confidence to defeat them." X enumerates the many times that Berg Katse failed.  
Gel Sadra proudly presents Sea Tiger Joe leads the electrical current through his body
  Galactor was very proud of its former scientific power, but all the mechas it constructed were no match for the Science Ninja Team's wits and courage... But Gel Sadra's arrogance doesn't diminish, even after she has to hear all this. With the Galactor North Pol base before its eyes, the God Phoenix is caught in the magnetic light rays of Sea Tiger. Joe completes a torn wiring circuit with his own body. Doing this, he allows the team to use the Firebird. As a result, they destroy Sea Tiger, the enemy base and foil Gel Sadra at the same time. Nevertheless, she answers to Governor X: "In these unsecure times, failure is the base for success".  
The team is shocked at the sight of Joe's hurt hand After seeing Joe's hand and the wiring, Jun suspects that something is not quite right.

Episode 10: Snowstorm at the Equator

  Suddenly, the islands in the South Pacific Ocean are surprised by strange weather. Tens of thousands of people freeze to death because of the wind, snow and icy cold. This is caused by Galactor using the Earth's magnetic field to manipulate the Van Allen belt. In the middle of a magnetic storm, Ryu is sent to do some solo investigation in his Horned Tank, but he is dragged along by the ocean currents and propelled onto the beach of a lone island. There he happens to meet an old man named Rokko who breeds sharks.  
Ryu has to leave a dying Rokko behind The God Phoenix is caught in the magnetic field
  Ryu learns from Rokko that there is a Galactor base operating an antimagnetic ray canon in the coral reef in the ocean in front of the island. Ken and the others hurry there and together with Ryu they attack the Galactor coral base. They leave Rokko behind who is dying because of the cold weather. But since Galactor is using a special magnetic field with only one pole, their ray cannon disables all the functions of the God Phoenix. However, a harpoon they received from Rokko saves them from this critical situation, since the harpoon is not affected by any magnetic field. The Science Ninja Team smashes the enemy base, but they cannot save one old man.  
The magnetic field not only disables the God Phoenix, but also influences Joe's circuits Ryu saves them by throwing Rokko's harpoon with a bomb attached to it into the mecha

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