Episode 11: Struggle! Hypernium 600

  Because of a defect in their car, Ken and Jinpei have a breakdown in the desert. A young girl named Julia takes them in her car. She tells them that she's on her way to the harbor to meet her older brother Jeff, who works as a secret guardsman at the ISO. But the three of them are attacked in the harbor by the Black Raven mecha corps and Julia ends up heavily injured. Governor X is searching for a new core element, Hypernium 600, which is said to be 600 times stronger than the old core element, Platonium. He starts blindly attacking the cities surrounding the ISO secret hangar in the Abata desert, with his raven mechas.  
Ken and Jinpei's car breaks down in the desert The raven mechas attack!
  Jeff learns that the next target for the attack is the city of Kinzu. The hospital that his younger sister has been taken to is located in this city. In order to hand over the Hypernium 600 to the enemy and save his sister, he goes to steal it. Ken goes to stop Jeff and to reclaim the Hypernium. Meanwhile, Joe and the rest of the team go to the enemy base with the God Phoenix. On their way there, they encounter the raven mechas which unite and form one huge bird, then attach themselves to the God Phoenix. Using "Bird Diving", the Ninja Team gets rid of the ravens attached to the hull, and destroy the enemy base with a missile. Ken forgives Jeff for his fault, and Julia stays alive.  
Ken tries to stop Jeff from handing over the Hypernium 600 Julia will get well again!

Episode 12: The Secret of Dr. Raphael

  Observatories and weather stations all over the world are attacked by UFOs. Additionally, authorities in the field of space communication are assassinated one after the other. Even Nambu can't guess the true intentions behind the incidents. In order to protect Dr. Kasshingu of the Irigutchi observatory, the Science Ninja Team goes to his whereabouts. But it's too late, they meet Dr. Kasshingu as he is already dying. The culprit is Galactor. Before dying, Dr. Kasshingu tells them that it was Dr. Raphael's Leapwave which made space communication possible. Upon hearing Dr. Raphael's name, Joe disappears from the sight of Ken and the others.  
The team finds Dr. Kasshingu dying Joe goes to meet Dr. Raphael
  Elsewhere Governor X is afraid of Dr. Raphael because he could unveil his secret. When X learns that Dr. Raphael is the only one able to send out the Leapwave, he goes beserk and orders Gel Sadra to pull the modulation waves of the Leapwave into his base and to reverse them. This way, he gives the nuclear missile launch systems a "go" order, with the aim of provoking a nuclear war. The whole world is plunged into a nuclear crisis without warning. Raphael has learned this and murmers "I am the one who called Sosai X from space. I have to take the responsibility." He then orders Joe to destroy the missiles of both parties with the antigravitational missile. A nuclear war is averted by a hair's breadth.  
The antigravitational missile, with Joe piloting it A relieved Ken

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