Episode 13: Youthful G-2

  Joe has sneaked alone into a Galactor base, searching for Governor X. A mysterious girl named Cathy appears before him and tells him that Governor X has moved to the volcano Vesuvio. X has indeed moved to a base in the interior of that volcano, a base built by Berg Katse. X gets angry at a town built by people who are using the volcano's energy. He plans to destroy the city with missiles that will destroy the earth's crust. Magma streams into the subway system of the city. Elsewhere, Nambu who is the architects of the city, has a missile installed in the God Phoenix. This missile will solidify magma. He does this in order to save the city.  
Jun says the bomb's fuse doesn't work anymore. Joe knocks out Ken in order to activate the bomb himself
  However, they meet resistance from the enemy and the missile is wrecked. Joe intends to activate the magma solidifying device himself by throwing himself into the magma and pressing the switch. Cathy is a cyborg like Joe, and she has fallen in love with him. She seizes an opportunity, snatches the device from Joe and throws herself into the magma in order to activate it. She leaves behind the words "It was a short, but wonderful time with you". This puts an end to a love which lasted only half a day. In Joe's head, Dr. Raphael's voice resounds: "You have only one aim - you did understand that, didn't you. Go, Joe!!"  
Cathy stuns Joe and takes his place, snatching the bomb from him Joe mourns over Cathy

Episode 14: Red Impulse from Space

  A mysterious UFO flies over cities and mountainous regions all over the world. Additionally, airplane passengers who vanished half a year ago appear again, without memory. Because the spaceship has come to request to talk with humankind, the Science Ninja Team undertakes the task on a remote island in the South Sea. The person who exits the space craft is the famous Earth Defense Force pilot Major Borg, who was believed to be dead, killed in combat against Galactor. He says that when he was saved by that spaceship, Kentaro Washio was alive inside that ship.  
Borg tells Ken that his father is alive. Ken sees Red Impulse inside the UFO
  When Ken learns that his father, who sacrificed himself to save the Earth, is alive, he sways. He takes off in the G-1, following the UFO which took off after Borg exited. He sees his father through a window, but then crashes against a wall. Borg saves him and, led by Borg, Ken leaves in order to meet his father. Borg's son has been taken hostage by Galactor and Borg has been forced to set a trap for Ken. The true face of Kentaro Washio is the one of a Galactor member. However, Ken's sense of justice impresses Borg. He shoots the imposter and Ken is saved by a hair's breadth. But Ken's father will live forever in his heart.  
Ken and Borg wait for Red Impulse to leave the UFO Joe has saved Borg's son.

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