Episode 15: G-5 with the Pure Heart (Script)

  Galactor's cruise missile crashes and explodes in a fishing village. Its inhabitants have disappeared. Ryu is sent to investigate and saves a girl named Yuka who is pursued by the villagers because they suspect her of arson. Yuka feels love at first sight for Ken, whom she meets because of the investigation. She tries to ensnare him. However, Ken is cold towards her, he does not understand such feelings. Elsewhere, Ryu has fallen in love with Yuka. He has watched everything and tries to comfort her. When she says that she lost a finger ring and that it fell into the sea, Ryu with his pure heart believes her immediately and jumps into the sea in order to search for it.  
Ryu falls in love with Yuka Yuka tries to ensnare Ken
  He finds a pearl, and by coincidence, he also finds the cruise missile's memory chip that has sunk at the bottom of the sea. Ryu gives Yuka the pearl and hurries towards his comrades with the memory chip. In the analysis it results that the target of the missile was an observatory. Sosai X has ordered the destruction of the observatory because he was afraid that his own secret could be revealed. When the first cruise missile crashed, he ordered the witnesses to be captured and forced to work on building the second cruise missile. Then, the second cruise missile is launched. The Science Ninja Team goes to board the missile directly, by flying over it with the God Phoenix, to alter its course. Because of Ryu's action, the operation succeeds. Due to its opposite programming, the missile turns around and destroys the Galactor carrier. Because of Ryu's deed, Yuka discovers true feelings for him and has tears in her eyes.  
Ken gets into trouble while trying to reprogram the Cruise Missile Ken and Ryu escape from the Cruise Missile

Episode 16: Black Out Joe (Script)

  A Galactor traitor steals a secret micro file from a base and gets it to the ISO headquarters. In order to decode the file, Joe goes to the Ongurei Research Institute where they have some special decoding equipment. But there's a electronical transmitter attached to the file. Its signal is detected by Galactor and they proceed to attack Joe. Saved from the critical situation by Ken and the others, Joe hurries towards the research institute again. But a strong headache attacks him. He is blinded and falls towards a valley. "What's happening, this is not supposed to be happening to my body again" he thinks.  
The Galactor traitor escapes with the file Joe is blinded again!
  While losing consciousness, Joe remembers his past, when he found out that his father was a Galactor member, when he died as a result from an old wound he got in his head, and when he was resurrected as a cyborg. Joe is saved by Jun and regains consciousness. The file is safe. He notices that his cyborg body reacts to the transmitter attached to the file and that this was the cause for his blinding. A moment later, the two are surrounded by Galactor, but with Joe's threatening strength, the approaching enemy soldiers are defeated. But even with the newest computer, it is not possible to decode the mysterious file.  
Dr. Raphael picks up Joe at Cross Karakorum When Jun shows Joe the file with its transmitter, Joe understands why he's blinded

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