Episode 17: The Devilish Equation

  An experimental city named Seatoland that swims in the ocean, has been built by the ISO. It is attacked by a Galactor monster called Umiba, and faces total destruction. When this message is received, the Science Ninja Team is mobilized, but Dr. Siski, in charge of Seatoland, refuses to collaborate with them. Milly, the doctor's daughter, has been taken hostage by Galactor during the attack. The doctor himself has been intimidated and forced to collaborate with Galactor. The doctor finally tells Gel Sadra the equation which increases energy and allows the extremely powerful magnetic fields to be used. The doctor is then ordered to lure the Science Ninja Team into their deep sea base.  
Seatoland is under attack Jun threatens Gel Sadra
  Jun has overheard this by coincidence and knows now that her friend from childhood, Milly, is still alive and has become a Galactor hostage. Jun keeps these dangerous news away from Ken and the others. She sneaks into the deep sea base in the Marihole, together with the doctor. However, he punches her out before they land in the base. The God Phoenix follows them, but is stopped by Umiba. Jun wakes up before Gel Sadra and Galactor troops. She threatens Gel Sadra and forces her to free Milly, however Dr. Siski is shot. Jun gets very angry and defeats the Galactor troops, Gel Sadra however flees and blows up the base, attempting to kill Jun. But this also disables Umiba, thus freeing the God Phoenix. Jun and Milly can flee and are reunited with the rest of the Ninja Team.  
Milly tries to comfort her shot father Jun gets very angry when Dr. Siski dies

Episode 18: The Spaceship Cannot Answer

  A spaceship is being repaired by Jun. Jinpei releases a safety button because he is threatened by a gun, causing the spaceship to take off. The robot threatening Jinpei turns out to be a girl who introduces herself as Sachiko. Sachiko wants to meet her father, Tetsutaro Arimura, who works as research head at the Earth Investigation Station Moa. Following her wish, the ship makes a forced landing at the space station.  
The team is briefed during a break Jinpei is threatened by a robot...
  But no one is there. While searching for Arimura, they coincidentally run into Galactor and get into a difficult situation. Galactor's goal is to steal data tapes of the Mantle energy and occupy the station. Using the two as hostages, they rob the Mantle energy data from Arimura. But the Science Ninja Team quickly arrives to rescue Jinpei and forces Galactor to retreat by shooting the artificial gravity device. Gel Sadra believed that this was a decisive attack and was only able to timidly hand over one tape to Governor X.  
... which turns out to actually be a girl. Father and daugher are safe!

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